Fan Friday #65

Well  it's the end of the week here & it's been a weird one.  Having a holiday mid week like that is not my favorite thing.  Thursday felt like Monday...it was awful.  I did however have a fun time at the 4th of July cook out thing hosted by a few friends.  Usually, we try for a bi-weekly meeting of this thing called Kitchen Band & this time it was just amazing.  Sometimes we have as few as 5 people but this time we had nearly 20.  We sounded pretty good for a bunch of people who half know how to play & half only know 3 chords (I'm in the second half!).

First, before I share exactly what I love this week let me share this: I love HelloCotton even though I struggle with it.  I posted yesterday about how I don't think I'm doing it right sine I usually follow the blogs through GFC & not through HelloCotton.  But HelloCotton is my favorite resource to find new blogs.  I know it's a collection of bloggers sharing their stuff but sometimes I don't find anything super inspiring at all (sorry) & other times its like a huge resource for DIYs, fashion, blogging, inspiration, etc.  A lot of the things I found this week came from HelloCotton's assortment of awesome bloggers!

Here's what I'm loving this week:
This incredibly awesome DIY from Peep My Style.  I think this is the same sort of paper I used in college for my print making class.  I really want to try it out.  I also really want to get back into making prints...it was such a fun class!
Katie from Muddy Pup Pottery shares her love of new at home Gel Manicures. She also shares something I would have never thought about: using an LED light instead of a UV light to avoid unnecessary UV exposure.  Some good pros & cons to the new trend.
My favorite way to style dresses is with ankle socks & loafers, it dresses down a cute dress but still makes you look sophisticated. Becky from Life. Style. Flash. does a wonderful job styling these elements. That dress pattern is just awesome.

Last month's feature sponsor Jen from Motu Viget shared these radioactive pots made for an MFA exhibition from contaminated soil near Fukushima.  Read the full article here.  This goes way beyond anything I would do for the sake of art but speaks volumes to what this artist will do.

Link Love
++ This new blog design over on Five 30 Three.  Her new design shows how even a good blog design can be better.  I've been working on the design portion of the Blogging 101 eBook for August & I am finding I have too much to say but no way to say it.  Her post is what I am trying to get at! ++

++ This post questioning whether we can create the life we want.  Just a little post in passing to think about as I go into self-employment near the end of the summer ++

++ The design of this blog & most recently a collection of jean cut off shorts.  I love the simplicity of the design.  I swear I can't get into minimalism on my own but I love it. ++

++ 10 Blog Layout Tips from Katrina of Pugly Pixel over on A Beautiful Mess.  It's just so fun to learn. :) ++

I am currently (if I haven't already arrived) on my way back down to the lake this weekend to bask in some summer sun.  I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Hi! I just recently found your blog through the Adobe thing and it's one of my new favs :-) You links are always things I want to read!



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