What I Wore // Simple Summer Outfit

It is so freaking hot outside & I don't like it.  Wanna know a character flaw of mine? I am a complainer....I complain about a lot of things & under normal circumstances I've been better about it.  But in extreme weather I am a Grumpy Pants.  The first day or so we were in Michigan, I was FREEZING and was so grumpy! We went to see fireworks on the 4th and it was HOT AS HADES & I was grumpy.  I really don't like complaining, but I think it's just easy to do....I need to try to be better!

I haven't posted an outfit in a while here because of the heat.  Taking these photos caused me to sweat horribly...wait, I mean glisten horribly.  I can't stand to be outside for more than a minute & I don't like it!  This is what I wore one day this week:
Shirt // JCP clearance a year ago
Bag // Target clearance ages ago
Skirt + Belt // Target (bought it right before they went on clearance!)
Sunnies // Big Lots
Floral Loafers // Claire's last spring

You can't really tell in these pictures but the skirt has pleats in it.  I have a pink one & a teal one in the same style & they each came with a belt.  This is the best summer outfit I've worn so far (I think). It's super relaxed, may be a bit hot with the sleeves, but is perfect for getting ice cream, bike riding, etc.  I even wore my lace bike shorts under the skirt.

These floral loafers were actually put on hold by my manager after I stopped working at Claire's because she knew I'd just love them.  We usually only get one size 10 (big ol feet!) in at a time so you have to snatch them up!  I don't get an excuse to wear these shoes much because I just don't know what to pair them with.  Honestly this is like the second or third time I've worn them.

The bag is my all time favorite bag.  It fits nearly everything (which means things will get lost!) & it was only like $5 from Target! It has yet to go out of style & I really think I've had it for like 5+ years maybe.  I constantly wear it...I haven't changed purses in a long while even though I have a large collection.

Anyway, hope you're having a lovely weekend! I am soaking up some sun & hopefully not melting on the lake!

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  1. ummm that might be the cutest outfit....EVER. Seriously, when can I hug you?

  2. Tell me about the heat?! We NEVER get anywhere close to this weather in the UK so i'm finding it insanely warm lol

  3. So cute! And I love your shoes and that bag! I've definitely been dressing in a simpler way lately. FUN.

    My Billie


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