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Well, I'm not living in a dorm any longer but the oh so awesome artsy house we are looking at in Indiana is most definately small.  The lower level is a giant garage with workshop for both Zach & I, wired already for a kiln, has a bedroom & a bathroom.  The upper level is a lot like the apartment above Zach's parent's garage, with a living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom & teeny tiny bed room.  I hope that we get this house because it is just the right amount of artsy with a little bit of fartsy.  I think it will fit our needs right now & am so down for the large work space.

So since this place will have a huge room for a studio/craft space.  I have been thinking about what the absolute essentials I'd need would be.  I decided to focus on storage today & want to share with you 4 Craft Room Storage Essentials:
Craft Room Essentials

Desk Storage - I am an orgainzed person when it comes to work but that doesn't really translate well into my home.  There are papers & folders everywhere.  I am hoping that in my new studio I'll have specific desk space so I can organize. I'd really like an in & an out box & storage for note pads, pens, etc.  Having things right at my fingertips is going to be the best!

Supply Storage - I'll have a lot of glazes, buckets, tools, etc that I'll need to store.  Shelves & baskets are going to be the thing I'll need the most.  I'll also need shelves to store pots as they dry, come out of the kiln, etc.  I think those cheapo storage shelves might be just right for this at the start.  Plus the workshop may have built in shelves already... I can't remember.

Shipping Station - Hopefully, orders will be coming in & going out pretty frequently so I would like to have a station that I can designate as shipping.  I like this filing cabinet because I can put stamps, markers, paper, tissue paper, invoices, etc all in there organized so I don't have to worry about where things are! Then just stack up the boxes waiting for the post office.

Baskets for Yarn - Since I will still be knitting & crocheting I am totally excited for fun yarn storage.  If I can see all the colors I have I won't buy more right? Hopefully!

Zach is heading back to look at the house tonight & hopefully make an offer on it.  It is such a perfect little place with all the things we'll need. And all I want to do is get this moving thing started but it is so hard.  I am not allowed to have a POD by the HOA rules where I live now (I am so pissed!) but don't feel comfortable driving a uhaul by myself nor can I afford it!  I don't know what to do y'all, I really, really don't.  I am getting so sad.  700 miles felt so close and now it just seems too far.  I have an opportunity to start a dream....and I just can't get their yet.  I want to cry!

I just want to live in a nice house, make nice things, have a nice guy, support myself, and be happy.  Is that too much to ask??

Sorry to end this post with a downer but go over & check miss Kaelah's awesome positive inspiration post today.  It cheered me up!

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  1. Do you know anyone nearby that *can* have a POD that will keep it for you? It may be inconvenient to pack up by the car load, but if you don't have any other option, it might be worth it.


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