Trend Tuesday // Fruit as Manicure Inspiration

I haven't been keeping up with my manicures lately but I should be.  I've let my nail polish chip & just go uncared for.  But since it's Summer I guess I should be picking it up again, right?  What better inspiration that from my favorite Summer fruits!

I could eat watermelon, strawberries, & grapefruit all year long but it isn't until the summer that I realize I love these fruits so much.  I think love grapefruit comes from Summers spent at my grammas eating the fruit for breakfast.  Watermelon comes from the fact that it is at every Summer picnic.  And strawberries, well strawberries are just good!  So I thought I'd assemble some lovely colors for manicure inspiration:
Watermelon Nails



Can you say yum?  There are plenty of fun tutorials to use to make your Summer manicures super awesome.  I'd love to try this one with the watermelon colors or something like this with the strawberry ones!  And for good measure, how about a moon manicure with the grapefruit colors?  I love moon manicures.  Thats what I should do, break out the stickers!

What have you been keeping on your nails this summer?

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  1. Seriously?! So creative, love this. Can't wait to give myself a mani tonight now.


  2. Ahaha, I love this idea - you got the colours spot on :') And what a cute idea the gold glitter for the strawberry pips is :) ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  3. How clever! Might give the watermelon colour scheme a go. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. These are great! I think I see a mani in my very near future.. :)

  5. This is so cute! Love how you have it laid out too


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