What I Wore // Floral + Lace Shorts

So, ever since I decided to wear these boots the other day I've fallen back in love with them.  I wore them this past Sunday at the art festival & regret it: it was so hot!  But in cooler weather these are perfect.  I am going to get a bit of wear out of them this summer!

I've also fallen in love with the floral & lace shorts I've been seeing.  I decided to pair this outfit with a pair of lace hemmed shape wear shorts.  I got these in the shape wear section of wal mart & love wearing them under my skirts.  As a plus sized girl, these types of shorts are a life saver when it's hot out! I decided to do my own floral DIY by sewing a patch onto the pockets of these high waisted shorts from last summer.

Also, this is my hair the second day after I slept on it.  I love how it looks naturally curly.  I've also fallen back in love with brown hair as I've always had a thing for being blonde.  I usually go blonde in the winter & brown in the summer, I've discovered.

Tank & Belt // Target
Cardigan // Sears
Shorts // JC Penny + DIY
Lace Shape Wear Bicycle Shorts // Wal mart
Boots // JC Penny (or Khols, I don't remember)
Geode Ring // Khols

This is what I wore to 'work' on Monday.  I've been keeping a pretty good work from home schedule lately & am very excited to be productive.  On Monday, a whole bunch of new earrings made their way into the shop & I got to work on a custom blog design.  I realized that I couldn't watch Dr. Who while working because I was too caught up in it so I put my trusty Destination Truth background noise on & got to work.  It's great staying home with the puppy on Monday's, just hanging out.  He usually sleeps at my feet while I type or craft away.  He's not a great helper.

Hope you're having a great day!

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  1. That's the cutest outfit. Love it x

  2. Moe, I just LOVE the outfits you put together. You seem so confident and AWESOME when you wear them and model them for us too. As a plus size girl myself, it certainly encourages me to be more confident in my own shape and to not be ashamed to wear what I want and feel cute doing it.

    You're just awesome. Thanks for being so inspiring. =)

  3. love those little lace shorts! i wear mine under skirts/dresses when i know i will be biking around town!

  4. Great idea with the lace under the shorts, I've been trying to figure out a way to sew lace onto mine!

  5. Loving the lace! Great idea seeing as the only shorts available are tiny hot pant! X


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