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When I was in high school I worked at Party City (if you can't tell, that's a party supply store) & in addition to Halloween & Christmas, Summer was one of the party seasons I looked forward to.  Party City had loads of awesome stuff for Summer get-togethers in their front aisle & I loved to unpack it all.

The summer before I left for college, I bought tiki-head lights, a few bright glasses, & a tray.  Why I needed any of these things is beyond me.  I remember my college dorm room looked like a clown threw up in it because it had so many bright colors!

Also, my grandmother's birthday falls in the Summer.  We've always had crazy awesome birthday parties for her so that's another reason why I love party supplies!

My tastes have gotten a bit more mature & if Zach & I were in a house right now, this is what I'd need to throw an awesome & sophisticated summer get together:

Summer Party Essentials

1. Colorful Serving Tray - Not only does this tray add color to your table as a center piece, but you can carry multiple items from inside to out.  Fixing up a few drinks? Slap them on here & practice your balancing act.  When the party is over with, carry all the empty things inside in one go by piling them high.

2. Charming Vintage Inspired Sunglasses - Get your modern Betty Draper on with cute vintage inspired sunglasses.  Keep the sun from your face while grilling, keep a side eye on guests (they won't know your looking if the shades are dark enough!), and look plain fabulous.

3. Unique Decor - Decorate your back patio like it's a tropical oasis with colored glass & greenery.  Cool Jewel tones can complement the bright serving ware nicely.

4. Beautiful Barware - Serve up your cool cocktails in fancy glasses.  Match your mixes to you decor for a cool cohesive look.  Serve with a splash of citrus to enhance the tropical feel.  I love drinking with straws, so toss one in & add an umbrella if you're feeling fancy.

5. Citronella - Keep the pesky bugs away with a citronella candle.  Make sure it's not just citronella scented...that won't work at all!  Buy a fancy citronella candle in the colors of your decor.  I am partial to these terracotta ones!

6. Party Wear - Sport a fun & summery high waisted short with a tie front crop top for a vintage beach party feel.  Braided strap sandals make your feet as pretty as your outfit.

What are your Summer Party Essentials?

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  1. I've always wanted really lovely square glasses like that to serve my cocktails and drinks in. It's totally on my to-buy list when I'm in my own home. =)

  2. Those candles are lovely and I love that not only do they look pretty but that they keep the bugs away. We could do with them, apparently American bugs find my English blood rather tasty!

  3. This is a brilliant collection. It all looks so summery! xxx


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