On Being A Ship in Port

Until I graduated college I'd lived in the same house for 23 years.  My parent's still live in the house I grew up in & my Grandmother still lives in the house she lived in when I was younger, 10 minutes away from my parents.  I've always lived near the ocean, vacationed near the lake, & had a pool to call home in the Summer.

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It is a strange notion to me to think that others have never, ever touched the ocean.  It's strange to think that other's don't spend vacations lounging on floats off the dock.  The first summer I stayed at my University instead of going home I felt like I was beached.  I felt dehydrated all the time!

There is something about freely floating that I just love.  To be able to submerge myself & feel the water all around me.  It is very important to me that I continue to live in close vicinity to the water.  I could never live in Arizona so moving nearer to Lake Michigan with Zach seems very appropriate.

We've been talking about houses lately.  We've been discussing decor & more importantly buying a home.  We've been weighing the options of renting vs. owning, of renovating vs move-in-ready, & if it's possible for me to attempt the self employment dream I've always wanted.  I talked a bit last week about my confusion at turning work into sales, & am still stuck there.  I don't know how other indie biz owners make it work! Am I not investing enough? How do I do it? I know I've got tons of books I need to be reading & loads of articles to go through.  I am excited & nervous to embark on this road!
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We've been talking about me moving up to meet him sooner rather than later & it scares the crap outta me.  I am nervous & excited.  But then I've got moving expenses, money to save, loans to pay....it all gets a bit overwhelming if you stop & think about it.  I wish I had the means to pack up & leave but wanting to finish what I've started (a lease) is really important to me.  But things may work out where they will let us out of our lease early.

All fears aside, I can't wait to make our own memories on the beaches of the Great Lakes.  I can't wait to see where the current takes us.  Even though I am terrified!

It also doesn't help that all my favorite references are nautical related or that I have a thing for anchors.  It's like that first jump off the dock into the cold lake, you've just gotta do it or you'll miss out on the fun!

A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for. And all that jazz.

Have you been thinking of taking a leap lately? 

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  1. oooh i love the effects on those photos!

  2. I've just recently started taking more leaps in my writing life. As a result I got my first freelance copywriting gig only a couple of days ago! Big leaps certainly pay off, and I hope yours will too!

    (Also, I live in Michigan. And I love each and every one of our Great Lakes. But Lake Michigan is, by far, my FAVORITE.)


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