What I Wore // Outfit Take Two

I tried to shoot this outfit the other day but there was just no luck.  The photos came out worse than they've been coming out & I even tried Elizabeth's Self Portrait tips that were left in the comments but I still couldn't get it.  I think I am getting better...but no where near as crisp as they could be!

This is another straight hair post because I was too lazy to do anything but blow dry this morning.  I've gotten off my wash-once a week schedule & really need to get back into it so my curls will stay.  I've been doing that thing I've mentioned before where I stay up really late then wake up right before I have to get ready & rush to work.  It's not fun & I'm not in college any more, so I need to stop that.  I have to say that it is my least favorite past time!

Recently I've been working on a lovely wedding blog redesign & have to say it's been an awesome challenge! I LOVE figuring things out I didn't know before & have been on a roll with discovering how to do certain things.  I can't wait to share with you the finished design! If you're interested in a custom redesign, my queue is open for the month of June & July.  You can peep the prices here & peep my premades here.  I am going to be adding at least 3 more premades to the shop this weekend in between friends & family outings.  Tonight I have kitchen band & I am excited but really just want to work on blog stuff! I feel like a theme here recently is balance. I constantly am battling a need to be in front of the computer working.  I guess it's good to want to do your hobby but I know that sometimes I need to enjoy the moment.  I took a break a few weeks ago & it was lovely.  But I don't see blogging as a chore (right now) & want to keeping doing it! Just like anyone who loves to bake or run, you know.  But I need to live life too.

Shirt // TJ Maxx (I think)
Tank // Target
Jeans // Forever 21
Clogs // Thrifted ($40
Necklace // Icing

These are the clogs I thrifted last fall & love them with these flared jeans.  The first time I wore this outfit I had a white tank & my brown boots.  But the pictures didn't turn out.  I love this outfit much better though with the different additions.  This top is sheer & I really love it over a lot of different pieces in my wardrobe.

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