Make It Monday // Capture your Summer on Film

Summer always reminds me of my parents & grandparents busting out the the old film cameras to capture Summer memories by the pool, in the park, or at the lake.  I know it's sort of the cool thing to do now a days, but I really think Summer is the best time for analog.  So I wanted to share with you some cool things you can do to capture your summer on film (or even simulated film).

Since nostalgia is a big part of my artist statement, film is something so dreamy to me.  A digital image is so real (pardon the obvious here) & can be a near duplicate of what you see.  Don't get me wrong I know that you can do a lot of amazing stuff with digital photography, I mean look at these examples, but with film there is just something about capturing what wasn't there that is amazing.  The depth of film is pretty cool.

Trash a disposable camera - Weekend before last, I bought 3 disposable cameras to take with me one weekend to the Botanical Gardens near my parents.  I threw one in the pool, poked holes in another, & used a screwdriver & a lighter to mess up the lens on the 3rd.  The pictures turned out really cool & you can see the full set here.  Poking holes in the camera caused too many light leaks so no pictures came out.  I want to try it again by poking holes else where in the camera.  Aslo, I would suggest using anywhere but Walmart to get your film developed (I bought my cameras & developed them at Walgreens).  Walmart's prints are so plasticy looking & poorly printed.  I think they literally print them with ink...gross!
Screw Drive to Lens
Screw Driver to lens
Dropped in Pool

Do a Double Take - Did you know your disposable camera can make double exposures? I didn't until I read somewhere about smacking the camera on the palm of your hand to make the shutter open again.  I tried it first with the camera I dropped in the pool back in June & was surpised that it even worked.  I only have one picture from that camera but I've since taken more.  They all look so cool!  Just take a picture & before advancing your film smack the end of the camera (opposite the shutter release button). Then advance the film & go about your day.  Try turning 180 degrees from where you took the first picture or find something else to capture when you smack the camera.  You'll get a cool double exposure blur effect.
Dropped in pool

Use your instax camera - When I got my instax mini for christmas I thought I'd never use it.  But since Summer means more photo shoots, I've forced myself to take the camera with me where ever I go.  This means I can snap up good ol in the moment summer memories.  I love that there are no negatives to reproduce & no images to edit endlessly on your phone or computer.  Just one image from one second in time, forever.
Instax from my Summer so far

Play around with a Toy Camera - Kaylah from the Dainty Squid is my go to for camera & film inspiration.  She shoots with so many fun toy cameras & I love it!  While I don't have any toy cameras & all my thrifted finds don't work properly, I am still hoping that I can find one on Amazon or Ebay for a super sale.
Gregory GR8 camera on the Hipstamatic D-Series

Hipstamatic D-Series - If you must bust out your iPhone, try capturing images with this app.  You must take 24 exposures before you can see how the pictures turned out.  You can start a camera by yourself or connect to Facebook to share a camera with a friend.  I love this app for it's disposable properties but still, it's nothing compared to film!  My favorite cameras are Gregory GR8, Foxy X69, & Rodney ZX9.  You can vary the effects intensity to get different results, but I find these most closely represent film.  The best part is there is no development time, you don't have to wait an hour in the photo department.

I can't wait for all the adventures I will take & bring a long all these cameras.  I know the move up north will be something to document & though I am nervous, I really can't wait.  I'd like to make some memories on Lake Michigan with some film, hopefully we will be able too!

How will you capture your Summer?

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  1. Think I might have to keep my eyes out for some cheap and cheerful disposable cameras - they look so fun with the affects you can do if you know how!

  2. Lovely post!
    I love cameras - it's amazing to be able to capture moments and turn them into memories!
    PS. Check out my blog

  3. These are simply GORGEOUS!!! I had no idea you could beat up a disposable camera and get such dreamy shots. I will definitely have to try it. I would also really love to try the hipstamatic app, but I need an iphone for that, haha.

  4. That cracks me up! I didn't even think about tearing up a camera and taking pictures. :) That. Is. Awesome!! It's like the Wreck this Journal book. Love it!


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