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Today I want to share with you the feature sponsor for the month of June: Jen from Motu Viget.  Here you'll learn a bit more about her & I hope you pop by her blog!  She's a pretty cool lady!

1. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging to document the process of applying to the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET). I was lucky enough to be accepted, so I continued blogging about my experiences when I moved to Japan. I forget details easily and I didn't want that to happen during what seemed like such an exciting time of my life! I'm really glad I did too, because honestly those first few months in Japan were such a whirlwind I barely remember them!

2. What is your favorite part about blogging & the blogging community?
Honestly, I'm a bit of a voyeur! I think we all are to some extent. I absolutely love the glimpses bloggers give into their personal lives. It makes me feel so profoundly connected to people all over the world with the same thoughts and concerns as me (as well as the same love for French bulldogs or fabulous fonts!). I'm really looking forward to moving back to the U.S. and being more involved in blogger meet ups and conferences. I'd love to make more blogging friends. So if you're reading this, uh, wanna be friends?

3. What is the hardest part about blogging?
For me, it would be generating content. I often psych myself out thinking no one would want to read about my boring life. But blogging isn't just for readers, it's for me! And I do enjoy it a lot, so I'm going to keep at it even when I feel extraordinarily boring.

5. What is your favorite feature on your blog?
It's newer, but I've loved coming up with my Why Not? posts. I actually try to do all of the things on the list! It can make a rough week so much better when you try to do fun, sweet things for yourself and others. Day-to-day life can be so rough! Why not make it more pleasant?

6. Give us the best blogging advice you've ever received?
Just do it! Well, maybe that advice was from Nike, but it still applies. Through all the doubt, laziness and uncertainty that blogging may cause, just do it. Write something down, put it out there, don't worry.

7. Give us the best advice on life you've ever received?
Live every week like it's "shark week".

8. What is your favorite fruit?
This is the most difficult question I have ever been asked (after what's your favorite novel). I kind of go crazy for fruit. Produce in Japan is expensive and impossible to find out of season. (i.e. a strawberry in September is unheard of!) When I do find affordable fruit, I eat it no matter what it is. I honestly dream about raspberries. I haven't eaten one in over three years! So I guess I'll go with raspberries. Or blueberries. Or all the fruit, actually.

9. What is your favorite color to wear?
The boring, true answer is black. I love black. I don't own a single item of clothing in brown or navy, that is how dedicated to black I am. But I also love wearing greens (mint, sea foam, turquoise, etc.) apparently. I checked out my closet to answer this question and was faced with way more green than I expected. My latest purchase was actually a black and green print dress from Forever 21.

Wow! Jen is so cool!  I can't believe how hard it is to find fruit in Japan.  I ask that question of Feature Sponsors because I love fruit.  It would be so hard to go 3 years with out a raspberry!  Additionally, I will now live every week like it is Shark Week.  No problem!

If you think Jen is a pretty swell gal, check out her blog & connect with her on twitter and facebook.  If you're interested in being a feature sponsor for the month of July, check out the rates here & shoot me an email.  I'd love to have you!  You can also check out past month's sponsors here.

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