Dorm Dec Wednesday // Using Pinterest to Plan your Home Decor

Well hello there!  Can you believe that it's June 6th already?  I totally can't.  That means Zach & I need to put a serious focus on figuring out what we both like as we think about moving into our own place.  I pretty much lived at Zach's house while we were dating, but since it wasn't really my house there were only a select few things over there.  Both of us have extreme different tastes in decor but since we both care so much about each other, we've embarked on making sure we both agree or both know what each other likes.  No one wants to come home from work to find something they just can't stand, so we've been using Pinterest to help us out.

I mentioned last week that we've agreed on a few things & I wanted to share with you how we've been using Pinterest to discuss our design styles.  Building a unique home that reflects our individual styles is very important to both of us.  While this can cause some tension, this technique has helped us out a lot.  If you don't have a man/partner who's interested in Pinterest, this may not work :(
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Sign Up
 // If you're apart like Zach & I, convince the other person to sign up for pinterest.  They don't have to do anything but pin things they like.  This is the important part.

Create individual Maybe Boards // Begin to individually pin things that you think you both will like.  This is important.  You don't want to pin only the things that you like.  You are trying to get to compromise, remember.  Pin things that you like that you believe your partner will also like.  Pin things that you like that you think they may even slightly like.

Discuss the Pins // Take the time to go through each other's pin boards & comment.  Say what you like & what you don't like.  Be constructive.  Then take the time to actually look at the images together.  Discuss what you each like & don't like.  Talk about the elements in the image & if you can imagine your own furniture in there. Talk about using other elements from the pin board in that space.  This will give you each a complete idea.
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Pin to a Collective Things We Both Like Board // When you discuss the images from your Maybe Boards make sure you are remember what you both are saying.  Pin the images you agree on or the elements you both love to this collective pin board.  Make the title all the things you each love (or despise!)  about the image so you remember.  Once you have quite a few pins, you'll start to get a cohesive look.

Continue your Communication // If decor is something that is important to both of you, make sure you continue to communicate as you go forth into building your home.  We've still got a lot of discussing to do  & I know there will be somethings we just don't agree on...but I get so excited knowing that we can discuss anything with each other (even things more serious than decor!)

So there you have it.  This is how Zach and I spend our free time when we aren't watching Stargate through skype!  If you're interested in what we've agreed on or want to check out how we've titled things to help us remember, look at the pin board here.  This has been easier than clipping from magazines!

How do you use Pinterest to plan?

Dorm Dec Wednesdays is an on going feature about decor ideas for a small apartment.  For more Dorm Dec Wednesday posts, click here.
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  1. Oh my yes - I use Pinterest to plan everything from dinner to decor to dressing. It really has become the best inspiration keeper around and beats having to bookmark every single webpage I like. I love how fresh and summery feeling your decor board is.

    Super darling blog you have here:) xx Marisa


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