Trend Tuesday // Summer Outfit

Hello, hello! I can't believe I have an outfit post for you all this week! It's been so hard to squeeze them in &, coupled with the fact that I don't like my remote for my camera, I almost gave up on doing some until Zach and I were reunited.  But since I finished up a lot of my goals yesterday (three new blog designs in the shop & a super awesome post for tomorrow) I decided to get all dressed up with no where to go.

Sometimes it helps to get dressed on Mondays, even though I am off from my 9-5 job, because I get more done.  I was sitting near the jewelry I just listed so I threw a few necklaces on for these pictures.  I couldn't believe how much I got done these past two days & am so proud of myself.  I did this to get sort of 'set' for attempting to go self employed here in the next few months, but I'm not quite sure how to translate all the work into sales.  I think I need to do more in advertising & will most likely start to sponsor blogs as a shop.  I need to get reading on the Esty Seller Handbook & all the other books I have in my possession.  I also need to find a wheel!

I love this outfit because it carries over from last weeks Trend Tuesday with stripes.  This skirt is from Target (I got another in a different color combo!) & it was on sale.  I've often toyed with the idea of going on a shopping ban, because every time I see an awesome deal I can't resist.  But, I buy pieces that I know I will wear & when target has a 50% - 75% off sale, I have to pick up something!  I will say I haven't bought shoes in ages! I have one pair of go to shoe for the sumer & it's these t-strap studded sandals from Rack Room Shoes! I got them last Summer when I bought some comfy (read as ugly) shoes for my first ever job!  It was a BoGo sale & I don't regret it one bit.  I've hardly touched any other shoe in my collection!
Skirt, Cuckoo Clock Necklace // Target
Tank // Forever21
Bracelets & Ring // Claire's
Turquoise Ring // Room Mate's (made with this tutorial
Cardigan // Khol's
Studded Sandals // Rack Room Shoes
Geode Necklaces // Five Sixteenths Shop here & here

I love that the weather is getting warmer! I need to find a good pair of bike shorts to wear with my skirts though..it gets hot under there!  But I've already made my first voyage to the water park & have taken a dunk in my grandmother's pool, so Summer is on it's way.  I will eventually be moving up north with Zach before the end of the summer & am nervous, excited, and freaking out.  So with warm weather comes change I guess.  I've spent a year here & it seems that the wind is pushing me in another direction & I can't wait.

On Saturday after going to the waterpark, I discovered that my opal ring was turning colors.  It was gold plated silver, so I knew it was possible, but this was a yucky color..it almost looked like I was even jipped on the silver part!  So I took it back to JC Penny to send it off to be fixed.  My hand feels weird with out that ring on it so I've been subbing some of my ring collection on my hand.  This huge gaudy one i

Also, I want to thank everyone who's been leaving sweet comments here! I got a comment the other day saying that the reader feels like they are learning more about me & (I believe it was the same person) that I'm so honest & sweet.  That really touched my heart! My goal with Five Sixteenths is to share with you the things that I am learning as I go through this thing called life, because there's no guidebook!  I love having Five Sixteenths as an outlet for sharing my experiences with the world!  You all are so sweet & I really do love you!!

If you haven't seen either, I finished up the first little eCourse regarding making your own Social Network Icons.  You can check it out & purchase it here (only $5!).

Happy Tuesday, guys! Hope you enjoy your week!

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  1. LOVe it! The outfit is so cute! And i agree that getting all dressed up and dolled up totally changes how I spend my day! (Sundays are the most difficult)

  2. That is an ADORABLE outfit.

    (Also, for what it's worth, I only just recently found your blog myself too. But I LOVE it here. I feel like I smile every time I read one of your blog entries in my google reader. Keep up being amazing!)

  3. Love your outfit! You look gorgeous!!
    And I agree with getting dressed up! I do that, too!
    Hugs and thanks for your sweet comment today xxx

  4. Cuuute outfit, love the whole thing from top to bottom. Wish I could get good at doing outfit posts but meh, self portraits just don't work for me ;) Yet...

  5. what i really like about the jacket that it can be worn on every outfit and it is always fashionable & trendy :) nice one

  6. So pretty. Love the skirt, it reminds me of summer and ice cream :) I really love your accessories too they are just stunning xxx


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