Tempted Tuesdays // Maxi Appeal

I love being clever with my post titles, I just feel so awesome when I can do a clever pun once in a while.  Go me.  I wore this outfit about a week ago while hanging out with my aunts & grandma after Zach left.  This is my fave skirt right now.  I am so happy that Spring is finally here so I can wear skirts & dresses with out tights.  Warm weather is the best!

  // Details: //  
Skirt // TJ Maxx
Shirt // Target
Cardigan // Forever 21
Belt, black ring, Necklaces // Icing
Brown ring // Honeybean
Silver Snake ring // Khols
Opal Ring // JCP (Xmas present from Zach)

Our backyard is currently a baby oak tree nursery.  None of us are real gardeners & I know we are dreading having to pull each of those guys up before we move.  It's pretty cute, like a rain forest.

This skirt I got at TJ Maxx for 15 bucks on sale.  I saw it & immediately picked it up.  It has a bit of pleating in, too.  I like it because it's perfect for work & for play.  I'd wear this same outfit to work & in fact it reminds me of an outfit an elementary school art teacher would wear.

I've been totally loving Maxi skirts right now & actually found some on Ebay for around 20 bucks that I want to order, but I am going to keep checking thrift stores, too.  Here are a few in a set on Polyvore from Modcloth:

The green one is super cool with it's scalloped hem & pockets.  Getting my hands on an assortment of colors is my goal!

I also have a long crazy, lacy dress from the thrift store that I can't decide if I want to make it into a maxi skirt or keep it as a dress.  I'll probably never wear it as a dress but it has a nice sort of shape.  Perhaps I'll just bite the bullet & cut and sew it!

Are you attracted to Maxi Skirts?

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  1. I could waste so many hours on Modcloth - they have some gorgeous stuff on there!

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