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A long, long while ago (when we were in Michigan actually) I ordered some pictures from Postal Pix.  When we got home I got them in the mail & they sat on top of the microwave for a long, long time.  I had no idea what to do with them.  One day I decided that it would be cool to have them in a sort of journal because they backs of the photos are blank.  Perfect for writing!

So I took a cue from this tutorial & made them into a book.  Here's what you'll need:

Line up two photographs with one face down & one face up.  Tear a piece of tape & place it where the two pictures join.  This becomes your binding.  Trim up the edges of the tape so that they are even with the pictures.  Repeat for a second set of pictures to make another signature, or bound set of pictures.  Then join these two signatures together in the same fashion. Place the first signature with the pictures face down & the second signature with the pictures face up.  Tear off a piece of tape & place it where the two signatures join.  Continuing making signatures in pairs & joining them.  Then join each pair of signatures together by lining them up & taping down the center & until you have a full book.

To make the outside binding, use pieces of masking tape or decorative washi tape or woodgrain contact paper.  I still have a load of woodgrain contact paper left over from other DIY's.

I knew I wanted to use my book for some of my favorite quotes so I decorated the cover with another strip of woodgrain contact paper & wrote QUOTES with a sharpie.  I then cut out circles of the contact paper & stuck them to the blank side of the photos.  Then had at it with quotes from my Hello Monday pin board.

You could use your's as a travel journal, a journal for a wedding or event, or even just as an everyday journal.  Also, you can add onto it if you get more pictures by just adding more signatures.

I also have an idea to make sort of an album that you could use for either a smaller option from postal pics or for your instax pictures involving the same sort of binding.

Coming up with cool ways to get my photos off my phone & into real life and coming up with ways to use them has been a cool challenge.  I don't want to do too much with decor since I know I'm moving around August.  But I am definitely keeping a photo wall in the back of my mind for our next apartment!

How do you get your pictures off your phone & into real life?

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