Blogging 101 // A New Project + Your Help

Good afternoon! I wanted to share with you that I've started on a new project (as of yesterday actually) & I wanted to share it with you: A Blogging 101 eBook!

I love doing the boost your blog posts here & I want to help new bloggers and even bloggers at my stage who aren't new but aren't super pro.  I want to share my experiences with others interested in blogging and those key things you may not think about when you first start out blogging...the things no one seems to tell you.  The main focus of this eBook wil be organizing, simple blog design, & networking.  

When I first started out blogging I didn't know that there were resources available to discover the unwritten Do's and Don'ts of blogging.  I'd get lost in a zillion resources each offering a little more or a little less than the first.  This seemed to be no help to me having to weed through post after post.  It was a hard road discovering and getting to where I am today & I felt like if I could have figured out organization, been better at understanding design, and was a networking guru I may not have been so discouraged in the beginning.  No one ever seems to tell you that even the most pro blogger once started out with one post.  It all starts with that first post & you'd be surprised the doors you can unlock and the things you will learn through blogging.  Blogging is full of wonderful mistakes and a bit of trial & error but I hope to cut out some of the guess work by assembling all the things you need to think about when you start your blog into one place.  

So I am typing this so that I will be motivated to actually finish this!  I am setting an end date, right now: August 1, 2012.  Now, I am notorious for not finishing my goals.  But I'd really, really like to do this! I also have in the back of my mind a resume ebook since I typed one up for the class I taught where I work, but for now the focus will be on a blog book.

Yesterday I spent all day working on the Organization portion of the resource and I can't believe all the things I'm putting in the book.  I've been brainstorming and outlining for a while & most recently decided to organize the eBook in those three categories.  It reminds me of writing papers in college!

With the book having three sections this time frame of August 1 will give me a month to work on each section, right?  Well I want to know from you what more you'd like to see or know not only for the book but for future Boost Your Blog posts.  So you can either leave a comment here, tweet me, or ask in my Formspring.

If you are a new blogger, I want to hear from you! What concerns do you have with blogging? What scares you? What do you feel you are lacking information on? I'd love to know& would love to include   questions in future posts but also as an added resource in the book.  

This crazy project has given me ideas for other eResources for blogging and crafting to start work on.  It's pretty fun, at least, to sit and write down everything you know on a topic.  I've surprised myself!   

So please ask away! You can also ask me anything else your heart desires! So go on, let me know!

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  1. this is an awesome idea - i'm glad you're doing it. I've been thinking about doing it for awhile now but obviously never did. I think one question I had at the beginning is how to know what to write about - where do you get inspiration for your posts? what are things you should post and what aren't?

  2. Such a great idea!

    I have been blogging for a long time but have never found a way to get my followers up. It seems by me creating a new blog to "re-invent" myself and what I talked about, I lost a good following (I finally have committed to not creating any new blogs). I have always had lurking followers, but I don't get a ton of comments. I'm not sure how to boost that and interact with people in an exciting way. I network some on twitter and Facebook, but usually only with people I already know, I also have sponsored another blog for the first time this month.

    I can't get over my fear of branching out and networking with people I don't already know. I also wonder if my blog is unapproachable. I don't just talk about the fun things, but am honest about some aspects of my life, which is what works for me, but how do I get others involved in the discussion?

    By the way, I bought your blog design and adore it! You are awesome!

    xx, C

  3. Making buttons for things like pinterest, facebook etc. I love yours - so minimalist!!


  4. I always wonder how to push my blog to the next level, I always wonder if there's something missing from what i'm doing with regards to viewing figures and followers.

  5. I'm really looking forward to reading this!


  6. I'd also agree about how to make buttons. Will really look forward to reading your results, good luck!

  7. I'm having a hard time with categories. I want to revamp the categories for my personal blog and get them down to about a dozen, but I've had little to no luck finding any helpful tips for this. If you have any thoughts on this I'd love to hear them!


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