Sum up Sunday // Zach's Walk on the Beach

On Thursday evening there was a large storm over where Zach is staying in Michigan.  He got up the next morning to go look for cool things the waves washed up & uncovered.  He mentioned he likes that 'the storms wash away all the foot prints, it's like you're the first one to walk on the beach.'  Seeing all these pictures was pretty eerie & pretty fascinating.  I've put them through a few filters including Instagram, Camera+, & Pixlr.  Here are the images from his trek on the beach through Grand Mere State Park:

Below is the path Zach took to get to Cook Nuclear Power Plant above.  It took him a good part of the morning to get there, between collecting things and walking.  He found some sea glass for me (about half a measuring cup full), two spoons (one he thinks is real silver), a few bits of broken plates, & cool rocks.
This is something that I hope we can do together in the future.  I've never been to the beach after a storm & I can't believe I haven't.  Seems like you find some pretty cool stuff whether it's bits & pieces or things people have arranged.  It seems like it would be peaceful & a bit eerie.

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  1. What a lovely walk along the beach. I've never been to the western side of MI [only passing through it on the Amtrak to Chicago] but the views towards Lake Michigan are amazing. Never thought about collecting sea glass before either - how cool!


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