Whoops, I forgot a title...

Happy Saturday everyone! Today I filmed a vlog (that you'll see below!) & shot some outfit pics with my new remote I got off of Amazon.  I am so excited to finally have a remote!  Taking outfit shots is so much easier now!

I hope you're enjoying your Saturday, so here's a vlog for your weekend entertainment:

**PS my words ran together there....I do plan on moving with Zach eventually, I am just not quite sure if it will be when my lease ends or a little bit further.  It's so hard to be apart!

If you've got something to ask either leave a comment, tweet me, or pop over to my formspring.  Also here is my pinterest color palette for the week:

I hope you enjoy your Saturday!

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  1. OMG I LOVE YOU. "some of them are salted, some of them aren't. if you were closer...you could see that." let me just eat you up right now, you are so adorable. Ok, weirdo comment section over. cool video blog, dude. word. :P


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