May Goals // Moving Forward

Way back long ago, probably in September, I started doing monthly goals.  Eventually (like everything in my life) it got pushed aside.  I've always had a problem with setting & keeping goals.  I even hosted a goal week to see if I could push myself back up into setting good goals....It sorta worked, I guess..

First LDR Stargate via Skype date while I painted my nails.
I feel like the it sorta worked...I guess thing is what I fall back on.  I whole heartedly think that just because you set a goal doesn't mean you have to reach it, you just have to learn something in the process that will help you in the long run.  I like the whole every tried. ever failed. no matter, try again. fail again. fail better. sorta deal.  But for the month of May, I am bringing back the goals.  Why? (well, why not really) Because there is something I need to focus on Guest Posts. I NEVER do guest posts guys, never.  Why? Because I don't have time, I forget, I am to excited to put the content I come up with on my blog, the list goes on really.  But I want to set a goal for May:

Submit at least four guest posts to blogs I love.

Hopefully that will even out to a post a week.  I hope to keep this up into June, too.

Now that Zach is gone & I need something to do focusing on guest posts may end up being the best reward in my marketing plan.  I should probably write out a marketing plan too don't you think?

What are some other goals for May?
- begin work on a blogging 101 e-book (and set an end goal to be finished)
- add more creative resume posts
- spend less on coffee
- make more coffee at home
- try to keep my inbox organized
- add more art to the etsy shop
- host an online yard sale

What are your goals for the Month of May?


  1. love these goals - i actually just did my first few guests post recently and i'm on board with that goal :)

  2. Mine is to properly start looking for a job. I just need to get my head into gear about it first. Good luck with your online yard sale!

  3. Ha! I just emailed you about this before I read this post, I'm psychic! ;)

  4. thank you for linking to your shop envy shop! i've been a reader for quite a while now, but hadn't seen that yet. i just snagged those brown sandals! what a steal!!

  5. i love your goals. i kind of want to get more specific than the list i just posted as part of the "healthy may" linkup thingeroo over at here comes the sun. i'm excited for when you finish up your ebook :)


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