Introducing // Five Sixteenths Online Yard Sale

Howdy!  I can't believe it's already Tuesday of this week.  I mean are you kidding???  The weekend went but just too fast!  I spent Saturday & Sunday with my parents, grandma, & aunts and then on Monday I took a whole load of pictures for something I've been thinking about for a while - an Online Yard Sale!

I collect way too many things that I think are awesome but don't have the heart to part with it to someone who may not appreciate it's kitschy awesomeness.  A lot in the shop is kitschy awesomeness, some hand made stuff that has been replaced over the years, etc, etc.

I started this online yard sale hopefully to help bring in some income, but to mainly start a venture to save up to move to meet Zach (who if you missed it, left on Saturday!) & to get rid of some stuff so I don't have to move it!  He got back to Michigan safely around midnight on Saturday.  

So, if you're interested, pop on by the Online Yard Sale!

I also want you to take a peak over on the side bar there.  Look at all those awesome new sponsors!!! I know it's only the 1st of May, but if your interested in hanging around in June peep the sponsor info here!

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