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Greetings all you folks in bloggy land.  I hope this week has been treating you well.  I've been up to work, online yard sale hosting, pottery class going, & newsletter making.  In fact, the newsletter just went out & you should have seen the desktop I totally forgot about in it!  Did you know, this month the desktop was newsletter exclusive?  Sign up for the newsletter during the month of May & I'll forward you the email so that you'll have the desktop.  There were also some lovely Sweet Heart Backgrounds included.  I'll share the link later, but newsletter readers got the first peak!

Zach has been gone since this past Saturday & we've already had about 3 Stargate/Skype dates.  I also found out that I have my lease until the end of July & not until July first.  I figure that buys me another month to decide if I am going to move when my lease is up or wait a bit to try to find a job.

Anyway, today I wanted to share with you an idea of coming up with better content for your blog.  Content is key to having a successful blog.  The way you get content? You write everyday (or as much as you'd like).  Quality content comes from sharing what you are passionate about & what you feel you know.  

On Five Sixteenths I have 655 posts to draw from when it comes to search engines.  The other day when looking at my stats, I decided to click through Traffic Sources & see what search terms were leading people to my blog so far this week.  Here's the list:

As you can see, it's ranked from most search leads to fewest.  I thought about what I had on my blog & a lot of these search terms seemed to fit right in with Five Sixteenths & would make great posts.  The one's I am excited about are the glitter nude manicure, hello Monday (since I haven't done those in a long time!),  & shoe inspiration board.  (***Thanks to the lovely comment below, I've been informed that Hello Monday is a band - I have no music sense.....but I still may bring back my own Hello Monday posts!!***)

Since this list is just from this week, there will be plenty of chances to come up with topics to blog about in the future if I ever feel stuck.  The more content you have the more likely these search terms will get matched to your blog!

So now I am off to paint my nails nude & throw some glitter on it!

How do you discover topics to write about when you're in a rut? 

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  1. I was half-expecting this post to be an "analyse what you have that people like" one, but it turned out to be pretty much the opposite (this is a good thing!).

    I literally just did a nude glitter manicure (ta da) - just glitter on the tips of my fingers, it's my new favourite! I'd love to see what your take on it is.
    And I think Hello Monday is the band, haha.

    One of my big search terms right now is for the new Central Perk in Liverpool. I've been meaning to go, but it'd make sense now to make a big photo post about it.


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