Fan Friday // May the 4th & Found Objects

May the Fourth be with you. etc, etc, etc.  I had to say it, I did, because every year I think it's hilarious because I forgot about it.

Today marks a week from when we finished packing up Zach's house.  That means tomorrow will be a week since he left & drove 14 hours to Michigan.  It stormed in Michigan last night & he's staying near the beach, so he's been sending me texts all morning with the things he's found.  Here are some of my favorites:
I think I see a postal pix order in my future.  Speaking of postal pix, I've got a super freaking cool awesome DIY I can't wait to share with you on Monday!  I have another iPhone related DIY to do for two Mondays from now as well.

Here's what else I'm loving this week:
That Chloe's short hair looks great in a scarf, cuz mine never does.  How do you do it?  Also, welcome to instagram! I'll be sure to follow you!

She also shared a link to this awesome DIY ascot shirt from A Beautiful Mess.  I need to go back to the thrift store!
This Hush Puppy recipe from Please Note.  I looove me some hush puppies and need to go back to the place that has unlimited crab legs for $20 on Wednesdays.  Who wants to join me??  Perhaps I'll take the plunge and make my own pups at home. 

Link Love

++ As I reach nearly a year since graduation, Jessica's post about what she learned in college outside of textbooks kinda had me in tears.  I still miss being a college kid, even though I was one for 5 years & not 4++

++Kelsi's Wooden Jewelry Post had me drooling too.  The last thing I need is more jewelry.  I do have some cool plastic bangles in my Online Yard Sale if you're interested in any vintage inspiration for the summer. ++

++Kristen talks about her relationship with Publisher & then with CS5.  I feel like she is speaking about my life!++

++These damn fruit balloons that I want to share with my aunts just so we can use them for my Grandma's Birthday party in August.  I can't wait!++

++I meant to mention this post from I think last week, which made me tear up.  Megan is a beautiful writer & I don't know if she really knows it!++

++Kristin shared more wedding pictures & to be honest, I was hoping she'd do it cuz I was getting a little bit nosy.  I love her green shoes!++

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  1. Happy Star Wars day! Thanks for all the great links. They kept me entertained for a while. The fruit balloon DIY would be so sweet for your grandma's birthday!

    motu viget

  2. I'm still so glad you liked that post :)


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