Sum Up Sunday // Spring Cleaning

You may remember (either through twitter or instagram) that Zach & I cleaned the heck out of his house before his parents came down about two or three weeks ago.  It was so exhausting, but so worth it!  I spend a lot of my time over there so having a nice clean house is wonderful.  I barely keep my own room clean in the whirlwinds of grabbing clothes or something, so I decided that my room at my house needed a cleaning.  So after a morning of picking up clothes, hanging, sorting & organizing I now have a clean room! Hooray!

I also managed to clean our kitchen & load the dishwasher.  Now just to clean the living arean & make sure all of the nail polish bottles are collected!  I decided to take my big nail polish display down because it was taking up too much room.  Now I don't know how to store them :(

I also played around with some of my photo apps this week using pictures from our trip to the Botanical Gardens.  I used Camera + app for the first edit, the Pix to blur the photo about 6 times (lol), then I put it in Lo Mob to get the film strip.  Messing around with apps on my iPhone is an obsession of mine (I lingered over what word to put there for a second...but I think it is an obsession!)

Here are some other photos from this week:
A sneak peak of Make it Monday tomorrow.  A mini Michigan Instax scrap book type dealio.  Guess what? There's gonna be an awesome giveaway this week too involving scrap booking.  I can't wait.
And our dinner from the other night.  It was super fun colored pasta!

I am also working on furthering my knowledge of html/etc for blog design.  I realized there is a whole load more that I could be doing that I dont or can't do right now.  It's an interesting learning process & I can't wait to learn more.

Otherwise, today I am going to fold laundry & package up a design for someone.  I am about to go find something for dinner too.

What were you up to this weekend?


  1. I was blog surfing today and saw one post somewhere about nailpolish storage. Inside the a closet the gal had attatched shallow boxes so that the bottom of the box was attatched to the wall, she then stood up her nailpolishes in them. It looked cute and was a nice way to have them all out/but out of the way.

    I was checking out your blog designs on etsy and I love the arrows version..just wanted you to know it is awesome and if I had money to spare I would totally snap it up! Your very talented!


  2. There's nothing better than (getting in the right mood) and cleaning/organizing. I always feel so accomplished afterward.

    I stumbled upon your blog and just love it :)

  3. Theres something sweet about that feeling you get when you've finished cleaning your room, I like to bask in that moment and stare at my room for ages! Also, you have a super big nail polish collection! I've put a ban on adding to mine recently, I was making trips to the shops especially for line one bottle. I store mine in a huge glass cookie jar.

    I've just come across your awesome blog, I'm a little annoyed at myself for seeing your button on other blogs before and only just now visiting! I'm following you now!



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