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Happy Friday all.  I went to pick up my lovely boyfriend from the airport last night & am glad to say he is in good shape.  He flew off for an interview in Michigan over the past week & I was very sad.  But I am glad to have him home safely & off to more interviews in VA.

This week has been mad at the office.  Trying to get things straight from the move, turn on the phones & internet, find all the folders for students, etc, etc.  On the blog front, I've also been organizing sponsor stuff for this month & the month of May.  I've updated my sponsor page here to include a new feature spot.  The feature spot will include a solo intro post with interview, option to guest post, & inclusion in the new Five Sixteenths Newsletter.  If you are interested in any sponsor spot, please shoot me an email!

Fan Friday today doesn't really have a theme as I've been inspired by a bazillion things this week.

This awesome monoprint fabric pillow with DIY from Design Mom.  I love the look of monoprints.  Sometimes I feel like it's an extra step, why not just paint (!?!?!), but the look is so much more unique.  When you paint (at least when I paint) I focus on the perfection of it all...if it's a monoprint it looks more worn & unique! I have to try this!

This totally super awesome ring display DIY from Tea Rose Home.  I've been dying to make something like this & keep finding awesome inspiration.  It's so lovely I have to make one.

Elycia's stinking cute hair cut right now.  I want to take this pic to my hair dresser & hope it looks good on me.  I am also in love with the collaborative vlogs with Elycia & Chantilly (of My Girl Thursday)

This super rad girl with super rad style in a super rad cardigan.  She blogs about absolutely amazing fashion & affordable finds on ebay.  I love those posts.  Makes my day every time.

This weeks manicure featuring a mint green by Sally Hansen & a lemon neon yellow from Icing.  I've been trying to be more experimental with my nail polish but sometimes it just comes out like crap.  For example, that half moon manicure worked once for me :( now all I get is a smooshed mess! What the heck!

Edit to add some awesome links:
Check out these blurry photos as featured by Flutter Happy
The Seven Deadly Sins of Instagram by What Emily Did Next

What has been inspiring you this week? Anything special?

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  1. I love that mint green nail polish! What a great color. I've been trying to play around more with my nails too, I keep seeing all these awesome pictures on blogs!


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