Make It Monday // Instax Album

Well, I am still at it with Michigan posts & I feel like we were there ages ago!  I wanted to share with you the most adorable album that I found on ebay while on the trip.  First, I must say that I bought this on my phone.  Isn't technology great? It was waiting for me when we got back.  I also ordered some pictures from Postal Pics but I'm not quite sure what I am going to do with them yet.

You'll need an instax album from here, your photos, index cards, & a pen

I've never really been the crazy scrapbooking type (I can't stand to part with all those beautiful papers) so I treated this like a travel journal.  I used a picture as a template & tore down several index cards to size.  Using an ink pen, I journaled about our trip.  Writing what we did, where we went, & how I tried to talk to the goat. I also wrote about my disbelief that Lake Michigan is truly a lake.  C'mon now, there are no edges...no shores! It has to be a sea or the ocean or something!  Here are some more pictures of the album:

view the full set on flickr here

The albums come in a variety of colors (purple is my fave) & hold 72 photos.  Since I didn't have 72 photos, the journaling was a good way to take up space.  The albums are affordable too, around 10 bucks & free shipping.  I need to order more film & take more photos!  I also want to order an Inxtax Wide.  I need to get on it!

What do you do with your instax photos? Do you display them or put them in albums?

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  1. I was literally just thinking about this the other day - I have dozens that I haven't filed away. I'm going to make a big scrapbook I think, since I have little ticket stubs and greetings cards I can't quite bear to part with!

  2. That is such a neat idea, i'm not really much of a paper crafter so the idea of making scrapbooks has never appealed to me but this looks very user and maker friendly.


    That's what I thought of when I read this. It's an SNL skit. It's funny/inappropriate. just my style :)

    also, that scrapbook is dabombdiggityyo.


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