Our Trip To Michigan // Lake Michigan

Alright, first - I don't believe Lake Michigan is a lake.  I don't care what you say, you can not convince me.  The lake's I am used to have ends....they have shores you can see from no matter where you are.  They don't go on & on & on & on for ages & trick you into believing they are lakes when they are actually seas.  I don't care if there's freshwater, I don't care one bit: it's a sea, an ocean even, & you can't convince me other wise.

First, the walk up to the beach was just breathtaking.  I used the pixlr.com Pilxr-o-matic desktop download to make this photo a dreamy piece of heaven.  Zach's grandparent's house is pretty close to the lake, so he mentioned that usually we'd just walk down there.  He had this entrance in mind though so we drove & parked.

When I cam up on this little bit of sand & water, I was so surprised to see how large the lake was.  I mean, that is literally a beach that a zillion people could sit on.  I can just imagine summers here.  This takes lake side to a whole new meaning!

I mean just look at this, lakes don't have waves like this:

Zach walked around picking up rocks & bits of sea glass for me.  We even found ones with bits of fossil in them.  He was really excited to show me.  I've since made a few keep sakes that I'll share with you here shortly.  We ended up walking quite a ways down the beach before we turned back.

Our Loot
I have always been a fish.  I grew up with a pool in our back yard & summers at Lake Gaston.  There hasn't been a time I've not known water.  My grandmother, who can't swim, taught each of us three grand kids how to swim in her pool.  Up until college, I'd never spent a summer away from water.  It was heart breaking to know that working up at school durring the Summer meant only having small fountains to dip my toes in.  Then, when I graduated & moved in with my BFF, I didn't even have time that summer to go to the pool or water park & was only able to sneak off for 2 days to the lake.  I was devastated to know that in this job climate, I may never be able to have the luxury of taking a dip whenever I wanted.  The summer of 2011 was spent working & sleeping.  I had two jobs at one time, then just one, then two again.  When I finally settled down to where I am now, I was able to sneak away to Lake Gaston for Labor Day.
With the prospect of moving to Michigan a big reality for me, I was saddened about having to leave the Atlantic coast.  (Beaches have never been my fave, I don't really like sand).  Being terrified that I may never be able to swim during summers or having to take a planned vacation to the water, I was a bit skeptical of Michigan.  But after seeing not only the pond in Zach's parent's backyard but the giant Lake Michigan, all my fears were put aside.  So, if I have to (lol) I guess I'll move to Michigan. They also sell sweet tea here & Shock Top, so I'll be totally set!

This had to be my favorite day out of the whole 10 day trip.  In fact, Zach taking me to the lake the first day must have been his evil plan to sway me into moving to Michigan.  He knew I couldn't say no to water.  Hell, even walking a long the banks of the pond in the back yard I could feel the pull of the water.  I wanted so desperately to dip a toe in.  I knew, even though the weather was nice, that the water was still freezing.

So perhaps I'll be spending Summers lake side to that sea or whatever it is, yearning for the coast.  

Have you been anywhere & fallen in love with the scenery?


  1. Ah, wonderful photos! We went to Lake Michigan in the past 3 summers during our time in Chicago a lot and we loved it so much! Isn't it just beautiful there?!
    Happy weekend xxx

  2. Hi Moe,

    Thanks for your post about Lake Michigan. It really is an awesome body of water. I remember as a youngster my first trip to the ocean. Why, why I kept asking couldn't this water be like Lake Michigan? No salty taste and no sting to your eyes. I grew up within minutes of Lake Michigan and loved it! Please read my blog post and poem about my experience: http://robinballdesignsblog.com/?s=lake+michigan

    Take care Moe and make it a great day!



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