Sum Up Sunday // Winery Tour

This is a late Sum Up Sunday post but while I've come out of my Margarita-ness to watch a few new to me Dr. Who episodes on Netflix I thought I'd share with you some horrible photos for the Williamsburg Winery Tour we went on.

Williamsburg Winery

A few friends came in from out of town & we used a super great Groupon deal for a winery tour.  For about 5 bucks a person, (there were 8 of us!) we got to take a short tour & taste about 6 wines.  I really found out that I do not like red wine but really like Riesling.  I know nothing about wines, but I sure learned a lot about aging & fermenting, etc.  It was nice.

I tried to get pictures inside but they all turned out horrible.  First we watched a video about Virginia's attempt at wine making in the past.  Then we headed into a great hall type of deal where they have dinners & receptions.  (It was beautiful!)  Then we headed down into the cellars, learned more about the bottling process, & finally the tasting.

Then we hung around outside. Did you know they only use the barrels for the wine 5 times? The first two are for reserve wine & the the last three are wines you'd buy regularly.  Red stays longer in the barrels than white (white is only in the barrels for I believe up to 8 months, it might be only 3 though).

These barels didn't have anything in them, they were just outside the winery.
It was a lovely weekend filled with wine, bowling, & mexican food.  I also got some semi good news.  Zach may not have to leave in May once his lease is up.  He may be able to stay here for a little while longer.  I really hope we can figure out what we are going to do, because this whole being separate thing is not looking to be fun!

What did you do this week? Any good company to talk about ?

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