Fan Fridays // Branding

I've been on the track of cohesiveness for quite a while now.  Ever since I bought the PR book from Kaelah (no lie, best money ever spent. Better than those books your are supposed to buy for those sorts of things) I've been trying to create a better brand for myself.

I've been focused on the blog, the shop, the artist website, & not into my ceramic work (where it especially belongs!).  I think I've found my style if you will that I want to repeat through the rest of my work this year & into the future.  (I'll do a post on that later) (there are too many parenthesis in this post)

 So while poking around on Hello Cotton & Pinterest I found some really freaking awesome branding/marketing/shop/blog ideas that I was totally loving this week:

First I was so inspired by Kaylah of the Dainty Squid that I immediately began searching for more fun things to throw in with orders from the shop:

Check out the super dooper DIY here on her blog.  I can't wait to try this out for the Five Sixteenths shop!  To which I'll be adding some ceramic pieces soon, too!!

This really cool polka dot paper DIY from Oh, Hello Friend is a super great way to create a look for your booth, your pictures, & your packaging.  Consistency is the key & I am totally lacking on that in the photography & packaging aspect.

This post has awesome ideas for sticking your name everywhere! Using printable stickers from an office supply store & your circle craft punch, you can create labels & seals for all sorts of things.  Found via Design Aglow.  I am always finding that there is something else I need for the shop.  Stickers, tags, labels, anything that I don't already have made.  Making a list of these things would probably help!

Unique business cards are also a great thing to have.  Balancing something unique (like a brightly colored business card) with branding you already have may give your look the pop it needs.  You can view the post about these here & also pick up something letterpress printed from Oh Happy Day!

Maryam of Pamplemousse1983 pinned this awesome craft booth inspiration.
I did a quick search of Branding Kit & found this awesome option (with a limited license for use) for $10
Also you can search on Etsy for some awesome blog designs & branding kits.  

I am hoping to get some more designs in the shop here soon but right now I think I am going to photograph some pottery & get that listed. 

Do you have any goals for your brand? Are you cohesive?


  1. Under the Sycamore was the 1st blog I followed religiously!

  2. I just started a brand new blog in the name of cohesion! I wrote a little today about the fact that I may seem a bit flighty... but I think it definitely takes a while to really make your vision come together. That to say? I am definitely not cohesive all the time.


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