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After strapping together a bunch of forks from Zach's parent's kitchen & attaching them to the anteana on top of the roof have I gotten a taste of the internet.  (obviously, I don't know how teh internetz works.  I'll leave that up to Zach.) However, through this dial up speed country internet I have been able to finally share this one post with you:

15% off in Five Sixteenths Shop for the second half of my trip! Use coupon code MICH2012

It has been super dooper fun here these past few days! If you want to follow me along on my trip check out my twitter feed (@fivesixteenths) or find me on instagram (@fivesixteenths)

Also, here's something I wish I could download while I am here.  Pixlr.com has a Pixlr-o-matic download for your computer!  If I could download it, I'd be turning some of my photos into dreamy creations.

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