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If you subscribe to the newsletter you'll have seen a new little monthly feature about thrifting tips.  Thrifting is a great past time for a load of people & I often seen some streamlined thrifting godesses around the blogisphere.  It takes time to hone your eye for the things you are looking for but only going & going often will help you develop your skills.

Like playing the piano or throwing a pot, practice makes perfect.  If you can work a quick thrift trip a few times a week you'll develop your skills like a pro!

This month's Thrift Tip is to Go & Go Often.  Going as much as you can not only means training your eyes but alos means you will find much, much more.

Lunch Time Escape // if you have an hour lunch like I do, it might be beneficial to hit up your fave thrift store over your break.  I've found great things over the course of a lunch time that makes it totally worth it.  Like this sewing kit!

Going with a short time frame helps to keep you on track.  You can make a loop around to see if anything catchs your eye.  If it does, snatch it up! That's what happened with the sewing box.  If you have a shorter time frame, you'll be focused on making the most of your time.

Go against your better judgement & just go! // Think you might not have time to get to the store but want to stop by anyway? Treat it the same as a lunch time get away & take a minute to sneak out.  Make sure to set a time frame (longer than your lunch, I'd say, but shorter than a normal thrift trip for yourself) I usually try to hit a few thrift stores in a day so I'll make a day of thrifting.  I encountered this 'better judgement' tip when I knew I shouldn't be buying too much -for the spending or the fact that I'll have more junk treasures- & found a poloaroid camera.

If you have a money limit, want to be cautious on your spending, or just don't need to buy more things make sure on these 'better judgement' trips you are actively scrutinizing the things you pick up.  If the purse is awesome but you already have a vintage snap closure navy blue purse (personal experience here) it's probably not worth it to buy another.  I nearly walked out of the store with nothing before spotting the poloaroid that put me right around my price range & only at 3 items.

This time, just going ahead & popping by paid off.

Make it a social thing // If you have friends who like to thrift it may help in going more often to have a standing thrift date.  It might take a while to break in a good thrift buddy but once you find one you'll find twice as much.  Katie (my room mate) & I are stealth thrifting machines.  We have two different tastes but we always seem to find things for each other.  If you get to be a well oiled thrifting pair you may be able to go more often.

One Man Job // Going by yourself to your favorite haunts may help you cover more ground.  Complete opposite of the previous tip right?  Going with friends is great because you'll make plans to go & have some good friends to chat with.  Going alone, especially if you have something specific in mind, will be a tremendous help.

We all develop our own thrfiting style.  I prefer to go mostly with my sister, my mom, & my room mate.  I feel like I have to give some people a show when we go thrifting, especially if they've never gone before. I am not kidding when I say you have to break in your thrifitng buddy.  You have a job to do (hit up the most stores & find what you are looking for) & it's hard to break in a new buddy if you are in a time crunch.

How do you thrift? Do you have any thrifting rules you follow?

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  1. I go alone because I literally look at everything in the store. No one else I know has the patience to go with me! :)


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