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You've already gotten a guest post from my room mate on Leather Crafting while I've been in Michigan, now I'd like to share with you a lovely blogger I just met!  She's got some good things going on & I can't wait to watch her blog grow.  If you've been a fan of some blog tips I've shared around here, listen up because Kristin is gonna school you too.  She's been working so hard on her little space in the blogisphere that I just had to hear how she's been doing it.

Hey there, new friends! Well, our girl Moe has been forced into seclusion for a week. No internet, up in the hills, no power, no lights, sitting by candlelight, probably blogging into a notebook..... Just kiddin, she's just in Michigan :-) But alas, I'm here to entertain you for the day in her absence. So hello! I'm Kristin, and I blog over at Tales From The Nook. I just got married in October, and now I live in a constant state of missing my honeymoon. Seriously, can someone take me back to Jamaica? :) But really, married life is super cool, and it's fun (and weird) to be able to call Ethan "husband." Oh, and we also have 2 dogs, Bayley and Chase, who are our babies. And we are trying to have a human baby. So keep your fingers crossed for us.

Ok, enough of that. Let's talk about  blogging! I've been "blogging" for....well, forever. Remember xanga? Yup, I had one. Livejournal? Check. I've pretty much always had some sort of an online journal. For me, it's been incredibly useful. What job did I have in 2005? Just check the blog. Want to remember my idiotic early 20's? It's (unfortunately) there too. My blogging has definitely grown up as I've grown up, and I'm really proud of what it's become. So in honor of no longer being a dumb 20 year old blogger,  I'd like to share a few blogging tips from the improved, adult Kristin.
Photobucket 1. Make new friends! I have "met" some really awesome people through blogging. Moe is one of them! It's really fun to meet new blogger friends. You obviously share at least 1 interest. Making blogging friends is a great way to grow your network, increase your following, and form relationships! 

2. Experiment! I love trying out new things via my blog. I recently have been hosting "Try It Tuesday" where I, you guessed it, try something new! It's been a lot of fun. From wearing red lipstick to shopping at the Dollar Tree, I've done lots of fun things! It's a great way to get out of your comfort zone and give you more to write about. 

3. Stay creative: blogging can be hard work! For me, the most difficult thing has been coming up with content that I really feel my readers will enjoy, but at the same time keeping my blog personal.  Coming up with something to write about every day (or however often you want to blog) can be hard, but it keeps you on your toes and helps you discover the content you really love. 

4. Separate "blog life" from real life. Sometimes I have to remind myself to put the iphone down, stop taking pictures, and just enjoy myself. Don't take a picture of every meal. Don't stay on twitter 24/7. My friends like to tease me for forgetting to tell them something, then asking why they didn't see it on the blog. As much as I love fostering my blog relationships, I have to foster my personal relationships more. Don't forget to take time away from blogging to love the ones you are with!

5. Be social and make yourself known! I've noticed a big difference in my "online presence" since I started being more active and social online. Are you a lurker? Get out there and comment! Grow your friend base. Sponsoring other blogs is a great way to get your blog some good attention. I personally noticed that sponsoring small to medium sized blogs was much more useful AND fun than sponsoring those blogs that everyone reads and follows. You can develop better relationships this way. Sponsor swaps are also awesome, especially if you are wary of emptying your paypal to sponsor :) If you are a regular commenter on a blog, that blogger is probably going to check out your blog too! And you might become friends! Ya know how all the "big bloggers" seem to be friends? They skype and facetime and hang out? This is because they were friends when they were smaller blogs! They weren't just all of a sudden all huge at the same time! To me, it's nice to watch my blog friends grow and gain success. You could be the next big blogger, ya never know! 

Well, dudes, that's all from The Nook. I hope you've enjoyed my blogging tips, and I hope you'll stop on over to my blog and visit every once and a while :) Moe, have a great time on your vacay, and try not to go crazy ;)

Thank you so much Kristin for helping a girl out in her time of need.  While I am sitting by candle light up north, I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

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