Thrifted Finds // Polaroid Camera

First, I am no expert on cameras.  Second, I love thrifing.  Third, I've always wanted a polaroid camera that is cool.  I am an amateur camera collector.

While home this past week with my family, I popped into my favorite thrift store against my better judgement.  After picking up a skirt, putting down 3 purses, & grabbing an ascot type deal, I spotted this camera in the case.  I snatched it up!

The case is not that awesome but I think I might use it for my DSLR with a simpler tutorial I found on Pinterest.  I am not quite sure if it works, there was some film in it, but I know it was ruined from years of being in the camera.  It may have a light leak, who knows.  There is a flash but it is by far busted.  I just think it's a great prop & decor piece.

Also, I am incredibly sad that picnik is shutting down! I can't believe I never used the cinemascope effect before (which is what I used on this photo!!)  Does anyone have any suggestions for really simple photo editors like picnik? I do all my blog stuff there! I mean all of it.  Every button, banner, link, image, everything! I have photoshop elements but I am not quite sure how to use it & I don't want to have to learn something new :(

What have you thrifted lately? Are you sad about Picnik?

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  1. Hi! I am a fellow sponsor of freckled italian this month, so I thought I'd drop by and say hello :)

    I, too, am totally depressed about Picnik closing! I just blogged about it lol. I'm feeling pretty lost as to how I'll do any of my blog work now. Sad stuff :(

    Your blog is adorable, consider me a new follower!


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