Sum up Sunday // Donut Run

There are many awesome women in my family but on my Dad's side I have to say that my Gramma, Great Aunt, & two Aunts are the best.  Whenever all of the family is in town, we always run to Krispy Kreme.

Their donuts, hot & fresh, are to die for.  We grab a cup of joe & sit down with two dozen donuts (one dozen is for breakfast the next morn) and laugh the time away. 

Part of the ritual of the donut run is to wear the sacred Krispy Kreme paper hat, which we didn't see when we first walked in this time!.  Once the hats were located I snapped a picture.  I swear you can tell we are all from the same family.

We talked about Valentine's day, men, & diamonds.  Everyone (except me) had a few hot flashes & then we were off.  It is times like this where I am thankful for the family I have.  Spending time with the people you know will always be there for you is so much fun.  There was much donut on chins & coffee on faces.

Today would have been my Grandparent's 57th wedding anniversary.  This is what made the donut run a little bit sad - knowing that this time my Granddaddy wouldn't be at home waiting for leftovers.  Since his passing, it's been good to see all the family but it's been hard knowing that the things we always do are lacking one person.  My Gramma was 16 when she married my Granddaddy at 18.  They snuck off one day (she told me it was a warm day) & got married.  Their engagement had been announced in the local paper with no wedding date set.  They snuck off with his sister to the court house, lied about her age, & got married - right then & there.  Last night, when talking about the chocolate diamond necklace he bought her for Christmas, she mentioned that her engagement ring & wedding band cost $99 all together & that she loved that more than the rings, earrings, & necklaces he'd ever bought her.  She & my Granddaddy shared nearly 57 years of happiness.  I can only hope I'll have someone to share 57 years of my life with.

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