Fan Friday // Sweet Tea Enthusiast (+giveaway info!)

So over there to the left you may see a little blurb with three words at the end: Sweet Tea Enthusiast.  This is a statement (along with Nail Polish Addict) that I don't mind admitting.  The sugary sweetness....mmmm! Sweet tea is the best thing oh a hot summer day, with a good southern meal, when you are feeling down, etc.  Its just perfect.  Perfect.

Now that it seems as if warm days are just around the corner, I've been trying not to drink a lot of it (meat, fruit, veggies, nuts!) I can't help but want to drink a whole pitcher!
It amazes me that there are people out there who don't like sweet tea.  One of those people is Zach.  He one time tried sweet tea at my behest & said 'yup, still don't like it!'  Of course, I know why: he's from Michigan! It surprised me when I went up north, even just up to Pennsylvania & I couldn't order one.  Brisk tea isn't the same & I'll take mine with out lemon, ice cold, & with a straw please!

The best part of sweet tea is drinking it from a Ball or Mason jar.  My room mate in college had some really great large Ball jars that we'd drink tea from all the day long.  When it gets warm like this I ache for days in college (only nearly a year ago!) where we'd sit outside our apartments slyly drinking adult beverages, soaking watermelons in rum, or sipping on sweet tea.

There is also something else I love this Friday.  There is a giveaway on Megan's blog Freckled Italian of a great little Hear Charm Necklace crafted by yours truly! I've just restocked my shop & this, I guess, is sort of like a grand re-opening giveaway.  It's just in time for Valentine's Day too! So head on over & check it out :)

Do you have a favorite beverage or warm weather tradition?

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