Sum Up Sunday // Suit Up!

One of my favorite shows to watch on Netflix & on TV is How I Met Your Mother.  Not only is it a darling comedy about a group of friends in the city but Barney has to be my favorite character.  Always in a suit & tie, Barney makes it a point to be the classy one & with the most ladies.  I find it hilarious all the stunts he pulls in the show.  Today, Zach & I went shopping for some real world work clothes for him since he is getting out of the military in April.  He's got only two nice shirts & one pair of khakis.  Today, after an hour & a half in Penny's (boy's seem to be much easier to shop for than girls) he came away with two pairs of pants, a sport coat, seven shirts, & 4 ties.  When he came out of the dressing room in his sport coat, black pants, shirt, & tie.....I fainted a little bit.  Now I know why Barney suits up....all the ladies love it!!

I also got my first massage from a student & friend at work.  She's just finishing up here training with us at work & is working on her practicals.  Instead of relaxing we pretty much talked away which was good because talking & getting massage really helped me work through some stuff.  I guess getting a massage & talking with a good friend is what you need!  If you haven't gotten a massage I totally encourage you too! See if there is a massage school in your area that offers half price or discounted massages.  If you've never had one it's worth a shot!!

On the photo a day front, my happiness is Sunday afternoons with my man & my puppy! This afternoon I am sans a man & am watching Dr. Who with my room mate.  The puppy is curled up with his blankie :) Last Monday morning I went home to my parent's house to get an oil change from the place I've gone since I had my first car.  I am loyal like that!

My new toothbrush is very girly.  I love toothbrushes & I love the dentist.  I could fall asleep when they clean my teeth.  I'd choose the dentist over any other doctor any day!!!  My purchase for January photo a day was this potato chip maker.  Alycia bought one & showcased it on her blog & immediately and without question went & purchased it.  It is AMAZING.  I totally suggest getting it....like for real.  You can make apple chips, sweet potato chips, etc.  AMAZING.  I also bought this sewing kit from the thrift store.  Such a sweet deal for $7.25.  There is a load of stuff in there.  It was like Christmas opening it up!

The person that I love happens to be this little puppy who loves to have his picture taken.  He can't get enough & loves my little instax camera because it makes noise.  Last night we had a date night at Red Lobster (so not Paleo!) & then headed home to watch more Stargate.  It was rainy last night & cold and is super cold today.  

What did you do this week? How's the weather where you are?

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  1. I want to get a massage! That sounds so nice. We were actually going to go to Red Lobster on Friday night but it was so crazy we just went somewhere else instead. I bet you could just get some fish and veggies and make it paleo! But those biscuits!


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