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This week hasn't been as busy as last week on the work front.  While the phones do occasionally ring at the same time & I have no idea how to answer both of them at the same time, I'd say the after Christmas rush may be over....

On the home front, we still have our Christmas tree up.  I'm not complaining but I think we should start to think about taking it down.  This weekend will be all about cleaning the apartment (mine & helping Zach...).  I also have my first ever massage on Saturday! I am so excited to be so relaxed!!

Yesterday I shamefully bought 11 Nail Polishes from Icing & went thrifting over lunch where I found this beauty for $7.25
There are so many amazing things in the bottom of this box that I probably will do a whole post about it! 

Things I love from around the web:

These lovely bags with beautiful prints!  Love it!
Buy the small pouch here
Catch the Clutch DIY here from Tick Tock Vintage
Check out the website for the bottom image here
All recently pinned on Pinterest

This great watch display.  Mine doesn't look this good...I've got too many things on my dresser :(

Elycia shared some great Photog tips on Shrimp Salad Circus

I need to buy a remote for my camera & I've found one on Amazon, I just gotta check out.  I love taking pictures & wish I had more good ones of myself.  

What are you loving this week? Have you ever had a massage before? How was it?

ps. I found this really cool blog to link all you fave pinterest finds to for the week!! Check it out & link up!


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  1. i love the fabric on your sewing basket! how pretty, and what a great find! i also love that aztec print bag! great picks for the week!


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