Make it Monday // Neon Moccasins

A while back (after Christmas, actually) I went to Target & found these great & comfy moccasins.  I am not quite sure if they are slippers or if they are actually for going outside.  They have some fur on the inside which leads me to believe they are slippers but the soles are hard which means I can wear them outside right?

I've seen loads of gorgeous moccasins & have been coveting them badly!  I had a great pair of Minnetonka Mocs fo ages but unfortunately the soles got all hard & I slipped down the stairs.  Whoops!  I was going to do this DIY with them but I knew I could't wear them around if I was going to slip!

These were my favorite! I loved the winged part.  RIP Moccasins!

What you'll need:
Moccasins you are willing to paint, acrylic paint, brushes, binder clips/clothes pins

My moccasins didn't untie to pull the flap of fringe out of the way so I used a few binder clips/clothes pins to keep it out of the way.

I used a white base coat under the neon green/yellow paint that I had so that it would pop out more.  Paint two base coats of white & let dry thoroughly between coats.  Paint three coats of the top color.  Make sure each layer dries thoroughly between coats.  Use a hair dryer to speed it up.

You can add a few designs to the sides too.  At first I wanted to put some glitter on these moccasins but then I decided against it.  It might work out, it might not.  It's all about experiments.

I can't wait to wear these with every casual outfit I put on.  Color is really important to the outfits I put together.  I love mixing & matching! There are few things I am afraid of & Pattern and Color aren't included!

Do you love neon? How do you style your Mocs?


  1. Awesome idea!! :) I'm hoping to find some comfy mocs for winter over here. Just found your instagram feed and now your blog - love both! :) come say hi sometime :)



  2. These are cute! I'm not usually a fan of mocs, but this is an exception!

  3. these look awesome and those mocs are on sale at target now for 10 bucks, just got some, gonna paint them soon!


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