Sum Up Sunday - Part 2 // Welcome 2012

2011 was a great big year for me.

In January I bought my first car (paid, registered, & insured all by myself), applied for jobs, worried about moving out.  Created a Tights Challenge (which I may repeat this February!) & switched to just blogging on Five Sixteenths, & participated in 30 Days of Lists I finally (after 5 years) graduated from college with a BFA, spent a week at home with my parents, then packed a suitcase & headed to sleep on a couch for about a month.  I started a job, started a second job, quit my second job, started a new job, quit my first job, had another interview for another job.  Experienced my first earth quake  Helped plan, make things for, & attend my best friend's wedding.  Found a pretty cool guy to hold my hand & do stuff with.  And had a pretty banging awesome New Year's Eve!

Happy 2012 everyone, I hope this year you get a step closer to who you want to become!  I know I have a whole load of goals I'd like to accomplish.

Have a great rest of the weekend, let me know if you need any ginger ale or gatorade because I stocked up at the grocery this morning!


  1. happy new year! I hope 2012 brings you a lot of happiness!

  2. Man, You did had a great year!
    Hope 2012 will be even better ;)


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