Make it Monday // Abstract Art

Alright, it's time to break out all of those craft supplies you got for Christmas or head over to the craft store & spend those gift cards!  Create a really cool DIY Abstract piece of wall art for the New Year!

After the Chevron Wall Art DIY a few weeks ago, I was inspired to break out some more canvas & make a piece of really cool abstract art.  Inspired by the image below, I took some make up sponges & some of the same colors as the Chevron DIY to make my interpretation:

// make up sponges // canvas // assorted paint colors // masking tape //

// Tape off edges of the canvas to create a border //
// Dab make up sponges in paint & apply to canvas //
// Continue to apply paint in random order, over lapping, & leaving lighter colors for the top //
// blend or leave sharp edges, just keep going! //
// Use the edges of the make up sponges to make accents & swirls //

To me, abstract art is all about experiencing & experimenting with color.  There is a whole study of color theory you can read about but I like to keep it simple.  Just play around & find what looks good.  Choose colors that compliment your home or a specific room or just choose colors you like.  Use sites such as colour lovers to pick out color pallets that appeal to you.

Browse sites like Pinterest or Anthropologie for some great Abstract inspiration.  Check out this Dorm Dec Wednesday post with some abstract love & color inspiration that inspired this Make it Monday post.

Do you like abstract art? Do you find it cool & fun to decorate with?

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