Yummy Recipe // Twist on a Salad

In an attempt to be a bit more real on Five Sixteenths, I am going to be straight with you for a second.  
Going Paleo is hard!!!

Recently I've been trying to go Paleo.  I love the concept & while I don't really stick to the diet I've used it as inspiration to eat healthier.  Branching off of the main mantra (if you will) of the Paleo diet, I've tried to eat only Meat, Veggies, Fruits, & Nuts.  Eating well balanced meals like these & eating healthier snacks I hope to gain a healthier lifestyle.

So far I've fallen off a bit & I think it's because I was looking at it as the dreaded D-word: DIET.  I should have been looking at is as lifestyle!  I need to get into the habit of going to the store weekly to buy fresh foods otherwise I fall victim to whatever is in the fridge.  My problem is that I love all foods equally.  I don't hate veggies & only eat sweets.....I just eat them equally.  By limiting my diet in this way (meat, veggies, fruits, & nuts) I should be gaining back a little balance.  I am not quite sure if I am ready to give up cakes just yet but Megan shared this great brownie recipe that I think I am dying to try.

Staying on track, I think, means choosing to eat a good breakfast, lunch, & dinner.  It means being aware of what you are eating not just eating it.  Considering what your mean is made of is important.  While I know I have control of the meals & foods I eat, I feel it is easier to manage breakfasts & lunches.  Usually I try to eat an orange or other fruit for breakfast & a yummy salad for lunch.  Since eating has become a social gathering I feel that leaving dinners open for interpretation is a good way to balance your social eating life with a healthy one. First, I love to eat & second, I love to eat with friends.  So going out to restaurants is not going to be thrown out of my life.  The best example I can think of balancing while eating out is ordering something that seems a bit healthier or consciously eating less. For me, I need to remember that this is my project & it's ok to lose some battles but you have to get back up.

Eating a bit of something, like an orange, everyday for breakfast & a salad every day for lunch can get a bit tiring.  So since I like different flavors & love all foods equally I decided to throw together an awesome salad (or two) that I could eat on a regular basis & not get tired of!

* my chicken breast was from a can, but you could use leftovers from last nights meal, etc.

I love salads.  I honestly could eat a salad everyday & I think I should!  New goal: Salad 5 out of the 7 days of the week!

These recipes show how simple it is to add different things to the same old salad.  I really like the Kiwi & Celery because the celery added a great crunch & the tart kiwi went great with the balsamic vinegar. These salads were filling & kept with the meat, veggies, fruit, & nuts mantra that I have in my life right now!

How to do you keep your healthy lifestyle from getting too boring? Have you tried the Paleo diet? Do you have any helpful hints?

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  1. This looks absolutely delicious! I haven't heard about the Paleo diet (or lifestyle as you call it :) before now. I AM aiming at becoming more healthy when I move together with my boyfriend and when we get our own kitchen one day. I have so many ideas for healthy dishes I want to try! I think the most important thing is to plan your meals some time in advance and shop everything after planning. Also you need to plan something that is both healthy AND your boyfriends want to eat... which might be difficult at times, for me at least ;)


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