Happy Thursday // Reader Survey

Hello & welcome to Thursday! How has your week been? Now that the holiday shuffle & the post holiday work week is over (we are now 2 weeks into the new year!) have you gotten back into your routine?  I know I have!

I'll get to this in one second but if you'd just like to go on ahead, please click here for the reader survey.

It's been busy on the work front for me.  Every day it seems I can't get through one phone call with out the other line ringing.  The bad part is our other line doesn't go to voicemail so I have to pick it up! Sometimes the other line will ring while I am trying to call another person to schedule appointments.  It's never ending!  I find myself getting very frustrated with it as well.  Yesterday, I cursed the phone! Customer service & being very cheerful are important to me in general so when I get frustrated I know I am overwhelmed.

Taking messages, taking phone calls, keeping an organized desk, & getting things done promptly are all super important to me in the workforce so when I find it hard to juggle all of these things I get in a panic.  When I get overwhelmed I have a hard time with priority & things slip my mind.  I'll often forget the task I was doing first & focus on the next task that comes up.  Then I get confused & I don't like being confused!  Currently there are probably a zillion papers on my desk begging for my attention.  I am so thankful that Fridays allow me some down time to sift through things from the beginning of the work week.

Not only do I find myself overwhelmed on the work front but I often find myself overwhelmed in the blog front.  Often it's not because I am doing too many things but because I am doing too little.  Sometimes I don't know what to blog about, I can't find original ideas, & I rely on my standard blog features during the week to just form a post around.  These posts often lack content and don't show too much dedication on my part.  I just want to post something so I throw it together.
My new 2012 bloggy notebook that I sat an organized the other day.
It's all ready to be filled with ideas!

This year I am trying to stop that! It is my hope that I can be a better source of information, inspiration, & interaction with the blogging community I love so much.  Re-evaluating how Five Sixteenths & myself interact with the blog community is going to be a big focus for this year.  Because I want to interact more with readers, followers, and all around bloggy pals, I've created a reader survey! <--- click the link or the image below to be taken to the survey.  It shouldn't take more than a few minutes!

I'd love to have some feed back on why you started reading Five Sixteenths in the first place, what keeps you coming back, what features/posts turn you off, & what you'd like to see more or less of.  It is my hope that Five Sixteenths provides not only some inspiration in the blogging world but also shows others that there is someone out there like them! I started blogging because I wanted to find others like me: creative, funny, and outgoing.  I've found a lot of you but I'd like to get to know you better!!

In the next few months I'll be attempting to stay on track with this blog & do some all around bloggy improvements.  So if you like reading Five Sixteenths or even if you hate it, please take the survey & let me know!!!

I'd appreciate it!

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