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Have you seen the new show on Fox called New Girl? I am obsessed! Recently my room mate signed us up for Hulu Plus on the Xbox & I watched all nine or so episodes.  I am in love with their loft style apartment & it makes me yearn for my old apartment my last year of college.
Jess (played by Zooey Deschanel) is a quirky school teacher who sings to herself & is a little self conscious about her awkwardness.  After breaking up with her boyfriend of six years, Zooey's character moves into an apartment with three guys after seeing an ad for it online.  They help her through her break up & get into some shenanigans along the way.  Not only is the show hilarious, but her style is oh so cute & their apartment is to die for!

My college apartment was a hodge podge of items with an all over boho feel.  My room is still that way (though it is a total mess right now) but I've been told I need to refine my tastes, that I am 'no longer in college'.  But I love it! Hopefully I'll be able to add a bit more of myself in the common rooms in our current house.  We are only going to be there another six months though, so perhaps not.

My favorite type of decor involves color, pattern, & inspiration.  I want to feel cheerful & inspired when in my room (or my whole house for that matter).  I dislike things too matchy-matchy & love things with a vintage feel.  I am a clutter bug but I try to keep it down to relevant collections or bits & bobs displayed perfectly.  Showing off my eclectic, colorful, & sort of childlike tastes is important to me.  If you view my room I want you to know it's mine! It should be as loud & colorful as I am!

This is Jess' room in the show:

Don't you just love it? It's to die for! I'd like to get back to a little bit of simplicity like this in my decor. To incorporate collections with a bit of a more grown up feel, if you will.  A lot of the items in our home are from thrift stores or discount stores like TJ Maxx.  In fact, my bedspread in the pictures above is from a thrift store & I got it for like $3.  Nearly all of my sheets are thrifted, my bed frame was Katie's before we moved, my dresser was from my child hood, etc.  Our living area downstairs has two hand me down couches & coffee tables and the dining set is a hand me down as well. 

Passing on perfectly good pieces of furniture is really important to me in friendships and families.  All of Zach's furniture is brand new & a bit boxy.  I am a very organic person & Zach is pretty technical.  There aren't too many sharp corners in my house but I've run into the edge of the coffee table or dresser or something a few times at his house!

I'd really like to try out a lot of the Decor Crafts in both the Big Ass Book of Crafts & the Big Ass Book of Home Decor.  Next Monday, I always say Next Monday....Mondays are my day off & I get the whole house to myself (unlike the weekend when everyone is home).

Some inspirational things:

How do you describe your style? Do you find it hard to decorate with room mates?

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