Fan Fridays // Friday the 13th

This morning, after much begging to stay in bed, I got up early with Zach to take him to work.  He dropped his car off at the mechanic yesterday afternoon because he's been having some trouble with his ignition.  They want $300 bucks to fix it & he wants to keep that $300 bucks...so we'll see what happens.

It was just about dawn when we ended up leaving & it was a bit chilly outside.  I really don't like the cold, it just freezes me to the bone.  While driving back home from taking him to work I realized I had the cold air blasting & not the heat for the past 30 minutes.  No wonder I was frozen to the bone.

I also didn't even know it was Friday the 13th until I saw something on twitter (follow me why don't you??).  Here's to some good luck & not bad!

There are plenty of things I am loving this week:

this crazy cool reflection in Megan's coffee cup.

Megan has been a really cool bloggy pal & I look up to her going paleo! I can't wait to see the recipes she posts.  I've been bad with drinking a Peppermint Mocha every morning from McDonald's & slipping a bit here and there.  But, I am proud to say that I've been eating healthier lunches & breakfasts!  I eat nuts & oranges often for snacks...but when I am watching Stargate all I want is some ice cream!!

Speaking of Paleo, I bought this great chip maker thing that I saw over on Alycia's blog, The Curious Pug, yesterday.  It's pretty much going to rock my life!
check out her review here & buy your own here
no, really, go buy your own....it's $20 bucks....do it...I'll wait...do it!!

Kam from Campfire Chic posted here fave iphone apps.  I am always in the market for more apps!  I love her explanations too. Seeing how others use their phones is super inspiring.
Check out her post here
The hipstamtic disposable in my new favorite app.  It's fun to wait to see the 'roll develop'.
Oh, Analog......

In my life, I am loving my new watch from Charming Charlie's.  I always thought that Charming Charlie's was super expensive & didn't go in until right after Christmas.  If I had known I would have asked for a gift card from everyone!! I need all the accessories!
My watch is called the Mysterious Times Boyfriend Watch

I also love this perfect multi color glitter polish from Claire's.  (I'd never in a million years give up Claire's just because my Charming Charlie's watch is so cool!)  I paired it with some black nail polish I got at Target.  My nails have two coats of glitter but I think one coat is good enough.  On Claires.com it's labeled as Sparks Will Fly but on the bottom of the polish it says Bedazzled...just in case you are looking for it in the store.
I wish I had this set when it was around New Year's! It would have been so festive!

Are you loving anything awesome this Friday? Are you superstitious? I think I am a little bit...I wouldn't dare walk under a ladder!

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  1. love that watch! and the nail polish too! (i'm still a secret claires fiend :) hope your weekend is great!

  2. I was Assistant Manager at a Claire's for over a year and accumulated QUITE A LOT of their nail polish. Bedazzled is one of my favorites! It looks good with almost ANY color and reminds me SO much of "Happy Birthday" by Deborah Lipman! LOVE!


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