Dorm Dec Wednesday // Nail Polish Display

Recently I've grown to fall in love with nail polish.  I am not quite sure if it's because I've been taking the Nail Tech class through where I work or because I discovered chip resistant nail polish from Claire's & Icing.  I used to not paint my nails because I'd just let the polish chip & that doesn't look too good.......

With this new found love of nail polish for every occasion, I decided I'd wear more of it if it was displayed better.  Instead of being a jumbled mess sitting on my dresser I found a spice rack at Big Lot's to  use as a display.  I'd hoped to thrift one but my efforts were fruitless.  I found a little display case with a heart on it & something in the shape of a house...but no spice rack.  So I headed to the next best place: Big Lot's.  If I didn't find one there I would have headed to TJ Maxx or the like.

Since this spice rack was made for a drawer, I had to lean in on the wall in order to make the 'shelves' level to set the polish on.  The only other down side is that now I can't buy any more polishes!!

You can see it's leaning on the wall here & it's expandable.  Unfortunately, I've expanded it as far as it will go.  There was another one at the store so I might go back & pick that one up but I am running out of room for all my other things on my vanity.  It's getting pretty full as it is.

I love my train case & I have a bunch of little knick knacks that I just absolutely have to have (yeah right!) so I may have to re-evaluate the lay out.

Being a display lover I love having all of my polishes out in the open.  If my room mate wants to borrow any, she can see them easily too.  Perhaps this will convince her to display hers!

How do you store your polishes? Do you have a large collection like I do?

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  1. Wow..that is quite the collection!
    So what is your favorite brand?

  2. oh what a great collection of nail polish and that is a great way to display them :)


  3. I toss mine is a disorganized mess in a box and stash it in my bathroom. But this looks so professional and so organized that it has me dreaming I was more with-it!

  4. Great idea for a display!! I'll be on the look out for a spice holder next time I'm out op-shopping :)



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