Add this to my thrift list // Silk Shirts

My mother used to have these two horrendous silk shirts she'd wear all the time.  And by horrendous I mean when I was 12 I thought they were so-not-cool & now being 24 I think they are oh-so-awesome.

I remember begging her not to wear them tucked into her jeans with her little pointed toe black clogs.  But like everything a mother knows, most of the time she know that things (in this case fashionable things) will come back around.  Now, thinking back on that horrendous outfit all I want to do is go back in time, slap some bangles on her wrists with a big chunky watch, throw some awesome sunglasses on her head & call her awesome.  Because, on a side note, my mom & sister are the perfect people to dress up and do fashion experiments.  Really, I consider them my real life paper dolls.

So I am adding to my thrift list silk shirts with great pops of color like this one:

source found through pinterest

I wonder if my mom still has those shirts.

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