Sum Up Sunday // A Few Photo Challenges

Since I am never any good at these things anyway I thought I'd just join in & see how far I get.  (Pretty pessimistic, huh?) One of my resolutions this year was to stick with things so I decided to jump on the bandwagon of the January Photo a Day Challenge as well as 52 weeks of Instax

Here's the first seven from the list:

Next is 52 Weeks of Instax.  This one seems a bit better than the 365 project a lot of people do.  I love taking pictures & in fact probably take about a picture a day but there is something about the pressure of a challenge that makes me not complete it.  I either feel my 'thing' for that day isn't good enough or just have no motivation to try to make something 'good enough'.  Like for example, I've taken the photo for this week, but it's packed somewhere from when I moved the things I got for Xmas around!

Otherwise, this past week was filled with being pretty busy at work. On Saturday I finally resolved to clean my room & do all my laundry.  I habitually have a messy room. Clothes everywhere, make up bags open, sheets all ruffled...I just can't keep it straight.  I've always been that way but I'd like to change it! Like I said, this year is all about keeping up with things.  I always get behind.

This coming week I am heading to see my sister before she heads back to college.  We'll probably go shopping & do all the sisterly things we do.

How was your first week back after the holidays? Anything exciting happen?

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