Sum Up Sunday // Photo a Day

So, this post is going up late....but I'd say this week has been pretty interesting in photos.

It was pretty rainy at the beginning of the week when I went across the bridge to see my sister.  The sky picture is really meant to show the large ship that was crossing the tunnel while I was driving.  (I know I shouldn't take pictures while driving....but hey...)  My daily routine either involves waking up at my house or at Zach's house but the one constant thing is that my hair thinks it belongs to the 11th Doctor each morning.  It would make David Tennent's hair oh so jealous.

My childhood picture is the one that was included in my senior year book (along with a picture of baby Moe in the bathtub with a Long Johns Silver hat on.)  Close up of my blog book which I've been filling to the binding with ideas! I put tab separators in it just to keep it some what organized.  I store it along with my planner, wallet, assorted nail polishes & other cosmetics in this little olive green clutch I found at the Thrift Store for probably between $1-$3, I can't really remember.

Currently I am not reading anything of note except for Zach's resume as he applies for jobs.  I consider myself the resume queen & am an advocate of the 2 column resume.  I love helping people make resumes & beef up their achievements.  What is they key? Word choice! You want to use words that suggest you took charge of any assignment whether you had guidelines or not.  Use words that suggest you did the most possible in the position with out outright lying about it.  Don't claim you did things you didn't!

I do want to talk about one thing, how for the past two weekends I've posted a picture that involves Zach & I, couch, Law & Order, and homework +/- the dog!  I guess this really is a typical Sunday! Zach has been using my old computer, which I thought was broken until he wanted to see if he could fix it.  It seems totally fine.  So he uses it at my house instead of his tiny netbook.  Having an IT boyfriend is the greatest, let me tell you...

So what did you do this week? Do you have a typical weekend routine?

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