Our Trip to DC // Trilobites

While at the Museum of Natural History, I discovered that Zach loves Trilobites.  These creatures that lived millions of years ago are super creepy, yet really cool, to look at.  I also discovered he has a thing for Cuneiform.  We spent a bit through an Ancient Egypt exhibit as well.  (I'll get back to Egypt later)

Here are some more pictures from the Museum of Natural History:
Pardon the quality, they were taken with my iPhone

Zach has had a thing for ancient Egypt for a while & when he found out I studied ceramics he was immediately interested in doing more research about canopic jars.  While we were at the Museum of Natural History he carefully studied the ones on display.  When we went to the Library of Congress he'd already researched some books to check out about Canopic Jars & how they were constructed.
Library of Congress - Outside

So after we got our library cards (a big ordeal that sent us back and forth through tunnels between buildings) we set out to check out these books. Unfortunately, the 4 volume set of books that I was to check out was not available but his small book on the dimensions & materials used to make canopic jars was.
ceiling in the Library of Congress

We sat in the giant Main Reading Room for about 45 min while they brought our books up.  It was pretty cool.  There were a few people in their doing 'scholarly' research & I felt like we were the only ones in there for novelty.  Zach was excited though.  He thumbed through that book like he was doing doctoral research.  Even suggested to me that this could be the start of a thesis for me for an MFA.  I laughed (my MFA has a long ways from being decided on).

Like I mentioned in the first post, it's amazing the different things Zach & I take away from each experience.


  1. we just went to DC too! Good pictures make such a difference in the presenation of a post! Love it! Im about to post our "adventures" to DC in just a bit.


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