Our Trip to DC // The Art & Zach & I

For my birthday this past month Zach & I went to Washington DC to see some museums & hang around with a friend he met when he was deployed.  I had a total blast!

Not only did we see some great sites but I taught someone how to crochet! What a great 'thanks for letting us stay in your house for the weekend' gift.  Having the opportunity to teach someone to crochet is such a fun thing.  I feel like I am passing on some great knowledge!

from the inside of the Library of Congress.  Love the architecture!!!

Zach & I are both history/museum/learning enthusiasts.  We love learning new things & discovering cool places to got.  It's great to be able to share in an interest that can be so diverse! We both have different interests in the same thing (if that makes any sense).  We'll take away two totally different amounts or types of information: his is more technical & mine is more creative.  This picture is a great example:

I thought the table had great craftsmanship & so did he.  He saw it from a totally technical view (how was it put together? What is under it? How was it made?) & I saw a totally creative view (Why did they choose this motif? What is this inspired by? What style is this?).

I was so happy that after we went through the National Gallery of Art he discovered that he liked it.  I was super nervous that he wouldn't have any fun.  He didn't particularly care for the Modern Art building but he loved (as I knew he would) works from the Renaissance & more traditional work, if you want to call it.  He is really into realism.  He didn't like any Impressionist work or work that was a bit on the side of abstract.  As we went through the museum, every time he found a painting/sculpture he liked we made sure to reference the map to check the time period.

I found a great book called Art Theory for Beginners that I hope I'll be able to relate the theory of art better to him.  I also bought a great book with some DIY inspiration that opened recently & want to paint everything in it!  Hopefully I'll be able to get back into the groove of making in the new year.

Here are other great art related pictures from our trip:

From the National Gallery

I should have taken pictures of Calder's work there but, like always, I look too much & never snap pictures!

Replicas of cave paintings in the Museum of Natural History.  The first time I saw these paintings on the cover of my copy of Garner's Art Through the Ages, my decision to study art made sense: I, like those ancient people, had hands too.  I wanted to remember, to be remembered, & to share, to reflect, to show self awareness & represent the world around me.  To such a common thing any one could relate.  To have a hand & to share it is the first sign of seeing things not as they are but as something more.  That is art.  These cave paintings have always meant more to me than any other piece of art I've ever viewed.

I'll share more about my Birthday Dinner & the other sights soon!

Do you have a favorite piece of artwork? Have you ever experienced things through the eyes of others? Have you been to DC?

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  1. I can't wait to visit DC and check out the museums. Your pictures are gorgeous :) Aaaand I love your current blog design. It's been a while since I stopped by.


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