Dorm Dec Wednesday // You Better Swatch Yourself!

This year I plan on being the super craftiest girl around! I am going to start by reviewing some craft books I have and making a game plan to make some awesome things.  Last Christmas I asked for about 1000 craft related books (really, only about 7).  I went through them, flagged some things I wanted to do, & just put them on the book shelf.  I blame my lack of making things on the fact that my house isn't unpacked (due to the dryer issue earlier this summer), I started dating Zach, & I just plain don't feel like doing!

My whole goal for moving to where I am now was to have my own little space to craft in.  Well that space is now filled with boxes because we don't plan on staying longer than a year in our house so why turn a room into a studio when you'll have to turn around & pack it all back up?  I hate it.  But, since I've been inspired I really, really want to start making again.

The first experiment I want to try was inspired by this photo from the inside of the DIY book I got at the National Gallery:

It reminded me of paint chips at the hardware store or those pantone chips/booklets scattered through out design labs on campus.  In the book, these are just spare bits of paper that are test swatches of colors that were mixed.  I like how they resemble Pantone color swatches.  For Christmas, I got about 5 flat panel canvases that I think I am going to use for these 'test swatches'.  Sort of abstract color pallets if you will.  I would love to have them displayed in a grouping on a wall.  

Inspiration from my pinterest board Color

On a side note, I find myself making things for the walls & never hanging them because my room mates don't particularly care for my boho decor style.  Zach & I have had this conversation as well.  He too is pretty 'traditional' when it comes to decor.  I guess to each his own but I sorta want a house that I am also living in to reflect a bit of my personality, too.  I am probably going to open up an art & home decor shop here in the future since I am going to try to make more & more & more things.

That's another thing I need to get back into; my dream of a sucessful shop! I really want to pick up Kaelah's great Marketing E-Book but haven't done it yet.

Perhaps I'll break out the brushes this weekend before New Year's activities.

How do you use color swatches?

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  1. I've been lusting for that very book for the longest! I don't use paint swatches because I already have enough miscellaneous bits floating around...but when I start setting into my new apartment I'm sure I'll be scooping some up from the hardware store for inspiration.

    I vow to be craftier than ever in 2012, too! Looking forward to watching your crafty progress here on the blog.


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