Manicure Monday // Holiday Sparkle

Earlier in December I painted my nails red & green with some glitter for the season.  When that started chipping off, I decided to change it up for the actual Christmas time.  I've fallen in love with peach hues & gold glitter.  I am pretty sure that my next few manicures will involve glitter & in fact I am only posting this so I can go take this current nail color off! (I got some more for Christmas & am dying to use them!

I am sure that my nail polish collection is nearly half glitter polishes! I want to thrift a spice rack to hang in the bathroom (or somewhere) to hold them all! I've seen that idea floating around on Pinterest!

Lately, all I've been thinking about is nail polish! When I got home to my parent's house, I noticed my sister's nail polish was too cute! She had a shimmery copper base coat & a shimmery gold crackle on top.  So subtle & so glamourous.  Glitter & peach have been on my mind:

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BTW that gorgeous last photo is for sale here in the esty shop joystclaire
I just started a Color board on Pinterest with these as my first pins!

Here were my holiday nails:

The colors used were 14 kt by Claire's & Peach Sangria by Icing.  I am pretty sure I got them both on sale ages ago but any polish with big chunks of glitter should be great.  Try this one (the only one I could find! Though if you can find them on sale......that would be so much better!)

I also threw on a top coat since the glitter makes your nails all kinds of weird, texture wise.  But, like I am sure you know, top coats are important! Maybe one day I'll do a post about a proper manicure since I am supposed to be completing this class!

I've already mentioned that I love Icing's Chip Resistant Nail Polish.  It stays on forever! I recently bought acetone polish remover to get it off easier.  Acetone polish remover is a bit more harsh but boy does it take off glitter polish & chip resistant stuff!

I used to paint my nails a lot when I was younger.  I had the time to actually take care of them.  But now I search out polishes & top coats that promise longer wear.  I don't have the time to keep painting & painting.  When they begin to chip I begin to not care.  I'll leave chipping nail polish on forever and it just looks so horrible.  By the time this starts to chip, I am ready to change it up.

I hope you had a great Christmas! I look forward to looking at all the Christmas posts in blog land in the coming week as we all prepare to ring in the new year!

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